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  1. If you use quarries for chunk loading purposes, for whatever reason, make sure they they are thoroghly isolated... Managed to dig up half my base this way, with wood going everywhere... (I use wood for my bases, since it looks nice) While I was trying to run a power cable... Ironically, to a tesseract hooked up to a different quarry.
  2. I apologise for necro-ing in advance, but I wouldn't suppose flight and scanning capabilities would be on the way? If so, \o/. Well, flight and scanning as custom modules. Scanning as in scanning the general vicinity for ores, and sending a message if ores are detected in the area, or mob scanning. Either way, great work on the robits! Now they shall be my portable mining chest... :P
  3. There are people willing to help you here, and on each of the mod forums. If you do need help, just ask away!
  4. Might have to do with Voltages, not the cable. If I remember Right, the cable's input doesn't quite add up, but I could be wrong. (I have been on multiple occasions)
  5. Now, I don't want your money, but you might want to check if the server is having problems (DDoS, etc), since that error is usually server-side. Pastebin the crash log?
  6. Hm... I'm leaning more to using both for autocrafting... Such as, I'm probably going to use LogisticsPipes for single-recipe machines and AE for everything else... I still get a kick out of watching stuff fly everywhere in LP. :3
  7. I'm not suggesting anything, but has anyone played with the integration between LP and AE? Apparently, it's something that I should consider doing... simply due to the number of people that say the integration is terrific. (Personally, Logisticspipes was what got me into all this. ) Personally, I'm a fan of logistics pipes, but I haven't played with them since the ole' Technicpack SSP edition. :P
  8. Oh, ok. Then I'm just slightly outdated. XD
  9. Hm.. Have you tried MultiMC? It offers some helpful options. :)
  10. You forget the pegs. And the odd golf ball (Weight not included)
  11. If I remember right, MCNostalgia offers that option for your vanilla.
  12. True... But maybe it's about the golf tees. Not the ones you drink. XD
  13. Well, that and perhaps installing a 1.2.5 for your tekkit, or 1.5.2 for your vanilla, or downgrading your Minecraft to 1.4.7 and installing CreepyPasta on that?
  14. ... I don't mean to sound rude, but I haven't the foggiest what you're saying. Sorry I cannot help.
  15. So, what would happen if someone made a teekit launcher I daresay the Stereotypical British among us will be very happy. XD
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