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  1. u have any idea when the server will be back up then cause i just made quantem Armour
  2. i cant connect either always says end of stream when i log in to the server
  3. Is the server still up because i just made quantem and if its not up il be p****d
  4. In game name: XXELITEHULLXX age: 13 Location UK my exp: iv been playing on some others and i always have the same problems, when im off hopfully they wont be rummaging throught my stuff. i just want to build and work with other to build something spectacular and playing since the game originaly came out and iv played for many hour and i think im a decent builder. reason for asking to join: i wanna join a server were i can play without been robbed or greifed
  5. In game name XXELITEHULLXX Minecraft experience I have played minecraft since beta. I have play tekkit since it came out about a year ago. i need a server where i can build thing and know the wont be griefed or stolen and i think i have found it hope you consider white-listing me thanks age 13
  6. In game name: XXELITEHULLXX reason i wanna play on here is it look really good and doesn't look like it has any grief. I also wanna play on here because most servers i play on i will get robbed or griefed really hope you whitelist me and thanks
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