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  1. Hi my friend sent me to spread the word. Anyhow we have a server based in the U.S. and if you would like to join just email me at [email protected] we are quite friendly and there is a max of 6 players currantly there are THREE. And you just might get to be a part of a youtube series! anyhow just email me and i will get the owner contacted ASAP. As of 7/5/2013 I am very sorry to annonce there will be no more room for individuals. However i will be setting up a yogscraft extreme server very soon! so watch for a post!
  2. Hey! I have had some server batch issues. I can click on the server jar and the server will run. But i would like to see the console to op myself! I have tried to op myself with the text doc in there, but sadly that will not work. Btw my cpu is a 8GB 64 bit operating system running windows 8.
  3. hello, was wondering about this server, i sent you a skype IM.
  4. Hey my IGN is RaNDoM12SaLAD my preferred mod is tekkit. Never been kicked or banned. And my age is 14.