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  1. My name is pkken, I want to just play within a small community so that I am familiar with everyone on the server.
  2. I am requesting to be whitelisted, ign:pkken

  3. yo amaxter the morph mod is glitched i cannot switch out of pig morph, i tried relogging and everything. I cannot gain any new morphs as well
  4. IGN:pkken Age:16 Are you new to Modded Minecraft?No Why should I add you? I think i should be added because I am familiar with the mods in your modpack and I can help other players who play on the server and expand there knowledge as well as expanding mine. What are you good at?Ic2, Buildcraft, flans, extra bees, thaumcraft, ars magica, power converters, and Railcraft are as much as i can think of at this time. What are you like (For example Personality)?I try to make everything fun and i have a good sense of humor. Country/State: United states, Florida Have you ever been banned from a server before, and if so, why?No Are you a Youtuber of Modded Minecraft?No Have you signed up at our website as a member? Not yet I am about to.
  5. I cannot log into the server it says that i require galactic craft core and galactic craft mars.
  6. Server is great, no lag, and every one is super friendly, owner listens to the people and is active
  7. Your In Game Name:pkken Age:14 Timezone and Country: United States, Eastern standard time Combat Affinities: Melee and range Other Affinities: (Are you good at building structures, understanding redstone, etc. ?)I am not the best at building structures, and i understand a little redstone. Kingdom Preference: (Illan or Nyvus - These are first come first serve)Nyvus Will you be committed to the server? :Yes, I can be online for a long time each day. Why do you want to join our server? :A nice small server where i can enjoy with other people and I really like the concept of kingdoms and seige battles. Any other statements that would emphasize merit:I wanna help out other people after i take care of my self .
  8. IGN:pkken Age:13(14 on opening day ) Why would you like to join our community?because i want a community where i dont' have to worry about other people ruining stuff, I wanna play with a safe community and have tons of fun on this new modpack. I played a bit and am pretty good and I want to help other people get the hang of it as well. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules?Yes
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