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  1. IGN) Sh_guest Age) 16 Location) United States How long have you been playing Minecraft) Since beta 1.3 What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Modpacks
  2. So i'll be submitting applications for me and my friends so we dont all have to post "spam" the thread Me: IGN: Sh_guest Real name: Lurch Skype or form of contact: Lurchabilly (shall come up as [~] Lurch) Reason: Want to find a (stable)server for me and my friends Previous Work, if any: Whatdya want? My resume? xD jk I've done ALOT with redstone and can build most things. Friend 1: IGN: awsomeblade537 Real name: Noah Skype or form of contact: It changes alot, just contact lurch Reason: Same reason as Lurch/Sh_guest Previous Work, if any: None documented Friend 2: IGN: Digitalp
  3. Which Yogscast video? I havent seen it done
  4. No food? Lies. Theres quite a large berry bush right outside of spawn, I easily harvested over 20 berries, which held me over long enough to get more and better food.. Nothing pony? The community is pony related. Biomes where there is no food? Biome* Just walk the other direction. Also, this takes the cake for low effort servers? I've seen plenty that top this for low effort. /EndRant
  5. Turns out, I was banned today, Took you guys a while, much longer than it should have. I could have hit a lot more than that ONE house. I could have abused the exploit. I could have done alot to your server. I hope you 'up' your security.
  6. Doctor, I would like to report a exploit with the adminshop. If you buy a diamond block, convert it to diamonds, and sell the diamonds, you end up with a profit that could be exploited.
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