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  1. Awesome! I didn't think it was by the way he posted it in the description. Thank you very much!
  2. I like the way "And A Better Life..." sounds. So that's my vote. Either way, good luck to you, as I have a feeling that these will both be awesome!
  3. Is there a way around using the zeppelin mod without using creative mode or anything of the sort without screwing up the map? Possibly provide a link to the zeppelin download and a quick tutorial on how to get zeppelin mod working with everything else? It looks really fun though, and I can't wait to try it out, I just want to make sure that everything will work properly! I'd also be willing to do a Lets Play if you can help me set everything up :)
  4. IRL Name(So I can talk to you properly): Hans IGN Name (So I can add you to the white-list): Hansnfeat What parts of tekkit are you are good at: EE, Industrialcraft, Buildcraft, and decent at most others. Skype Name: Hansnfeat or [email protected] Idea For a Name(Optional): Can you host a server without hamachi(optional)? No.
  5. Hey everyone! I have been having troubles with the minions mod. I press "G", and the screen pops up telling me that the darkness is listening, or something very close to that. There is only one option though, and that is the cancel button. Nothing else shows up. I was level 10 at the time also. Is there something that I'm missing, or is everyone having the same problem? Thanks in advance! -Hansnfeat MOD EDIT: UGH! You're the worst poster. Get the hell out.
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