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  1. Hello all, I currently run a Tekkit 3.1.2 Server without EE, I am looking for a couple people to join my whitelisted 24/7 server. I come and go from the server so hop on and play, I don't have a schedule so I don't expect you to have one either. I however have a few requirements that have to be met... Must be over 25 years old to play. and my server is based on trust and cooperation, I have no mods on it that control or prevent people from messing with others stuff so no griefing or theivery. Also I use Teamspeak 3. Anyways leave a messege on here with some contact info and I'll contact you, or PM me through this forum, that would be acceptable as well. Thanks BlackflyCanada. PS my server is run out of my home in northern Alberta Canada, so someone closer to that location would be best, however I have a friend from the UK that plays on it once in a while.