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  1. Very good server Ive enjoyed playing here for the short time ive been here. Nice staff and players
  2. IGN:Fluffy_turtlez Banned For:spam Reason You should be unbanned: Because I heart u kimbo <3
  3. The server I play on is always getting tick lag and the map has even been reset to fix it and it still somes back in about a day or so, the server has 8gb or ram and 100mb connection any ideas to fix this would be very helpful
  4. The server is down for upgrades however when it is back up the ip will be
  5. 1. Grammar helps a lot when your mad at people. 2.Why are you still reading this post you have been banned for 2 days and 3. I AM NOT A BUTT-HOLE Also to the person who accused me, you were trying to break multiple things at spawn and I was given permission to mess with you to get you away form spawn because you were being a troll. So yea baiiiii
  6. I did not blow your house up, I gave you the objects and you blew it up I was just a supplier while you were the derp who blew your entire base to nothing
  7. IGN:Fluffy_Turtlez Reason for wanting to become a member:My freind Rak plays here and It looks better than the other server I was playing on. Why should we accept you:I am a nice person and helpful to new tekkit players!
  8. Every about 10 mins EVERYONE in my server whitescreens and the console is spammed with this. (There are some more errors similar to this but I cant seem to recreate them.) http://pastebin.com/q7BVAp30
  9. Yea thats kinda why that section is there. . .
  10. sigh i am a failure i should be removed by a hammer. or turned into turtle soup. . .
  11. Im trying to change my NEI to &quot;cheat mode&quot; but im stuck in recipe just wondering if thats part of playing in survival or a bug. P.S Sorry if there is another post about this i didnt see it
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