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  1. Emolg madness banned me for griefing when i was AFK Fuck this server you are being assholes when i was with my family eating food go suck a dick madness and fuck you all i didn't doanything d
  2. Really up for two days then down!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMolg I understand if this isn't your falut,but serisously consider switching server hosts.
  3. Sry I haven't Been on guys I was in a house fire and my dog and brother died
  4. I gave it a long think over and I decided to switch over to feed the beast :l
  5. Dude if your still trying to do that I understand it's hard but don't rush through it
  6. Dude I got banned for an EMC farm that wasn't even mine it was some guy called pastor in my faction Deathlords ban him instead

  7. I got banned for having an EMC Farm that wasn't mine it was some guy named pastorburrow Or some shit but it bullshit how I got banned for nothin
  8. When I try to connect it says end of stream. Can anyone else connect?
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