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  1. Member App: IGN: Tasnia Age: 17 Country/Timezone: Singapore (GMT +8) Tekkit Experience: I am a beginner to Tekkit. However, I am more than willing to learn. Reason for joining: To learn about Tekkit, and just have fun. Have you read the rules: Yes, I have read all the rules. How long have you played tekkit: I've only played it for a few days. What you feel you can contribute: To be honest, I don't think I can contribute anything right now, because I don't have enough knowledge of Tekkit. I just hope others with experience can help me learn. Time you can contribute to the server: On
  2. Ingame username: Tasnia Age: 17 Are you experienced in tekkit? No, I'm a beginner. Do you wish to play on cubenation? Yes, I would love to play on Cubenation. It sounds like fun.
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