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  1. IGN: Jearwin Age (Be truthful!) : 21 years What makes you want to join this server? i would like to experiment a little with this modpack, and build some cool thing, from back in the days, What could you bring to the server? Technical and building. Skype - I will ask for it if accepted so we can make a server chat out of game. i dont have skype at the moment sorry How active will you be on the server? well i will be pretty active, for 4- 6 months.
  2. Age: 19 IGN (In Game Name) jearwin Why Do you want to Play on this Server? it seems really professional and adult server to play on plus i want to play with other. What Do you want to Build? my own base with a moon base and other cool stuff if possible.
  3. In-Game Name: jearwin Age: 20 Tekkit Experience: Well i ahave been playing tekkit for almost 2 years now, and have experience in both tekkit classic and lite and would like to find a friendly server willing to let me experience The new tekkit now! Why us?: Well i love your whitelisting thread and the first one to post. so may i join ;D?
  4. Your ingame name: jearwin Why you want to join our server: i love the new tekkit version and would like to play with others Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which?: none whatsoever Something about yourself: well i have been playing minecraft since beta, and been playing tekkit for quiet sometime now, i am 19 of age and living in Aruba
  5. can i join the server?

    the one you posted for players on the volts request form

  6. I have a voltz server at the moment and looking for 3 players to play with and help me run a server, if you are interested please PM on the forums! Thank you
  7. In game name: jearwin Age:19 Time playing Tekkit-lite: since tekkit was released Have you been banned: none Why would you like to play on this server: I would like to play and experiment with the new features of tekkit lite with other players (:
  8. IGN: jearwin Age: 19 Location (country): Aruba Have you read and agree to the rules: Yes, i have Have you ever been banned from another server, if yes explain briefly?: Non whatsoever Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: not yet.
  9. Jear, what happened to the server? D:

    I have nothing to do with my life now.

    1. Dendrofilous


      Yeah, im at school and everything, yet i still find nothing to do without the server haha

  10. 1.) * Minecraft username: jearwin 2.) Country/TimeZone: UTC/GMT -4 hours 3.) Age: 19 4.) * Do you agree to the rules? yes i do 5.) What interests you about our server? a nice and professional looking server c:
  11. Minecraft Username: jearwin Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: no What do you plan to do on the server: a playing facility and a private area What is your previous experience with tekkit: been playing tekkit for a lot of time now i think its atleast 1 year
  12. No its up, ill check your problem. Next time pm me. Anybody else wanna get whitelisted?
  13. Upcoming update for the server: http://cubenation.enjin.com/home/m/8873882/article/1093410 Come and get whitelisted today right now!
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