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  1. Hey guys, DarkSoldier here. For now Please do not create Iron Shovels, it creates a Gzip error and bumps you from the server. Currently the only fix is to clear your inventory from the server side. Sorry about the troubles. If you are getting this error post here and we will see it and help you out.
  2. Hi, Bendaholic. Sorry for the problem. I saw you sign in and thought this might be the cause. The only fix is to erase your inventory so you can sign back in. Talk to myself (DarkSoldier8-Admin, or Teacup- Moderator) and we will help replace the things you lost. Just so everyone knows this Thread is actually for the old Tekkit claims server we had going. That map generated a fatal error and won't load anymore. We have a second Tekkit Server with Towny installed is in this thread http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-extremeprocraft-pve-50-slots-open-towny-lwc-mcmmo-ranks-ee-enable
  3. Started playing last night. Having lots of fun. (DarkSoldier8) Looking forward to playing lots more. My only question: Is the Mob spawn rate set lower? Was having a harder time finding neutral and aggressive mobs.
  4. Servers looking great, joined last night (DarkSoldier8). Having lots of fun. The community I have seen so far is really good and helpful. Edit: oups, mixed up this post with your other server! going to check this one out as well.
  5. Ok, I will try to find an Optifine forum.
  6. First let me say, "If it wasn't for the number of Video settings provided by the Technic pack I wouldn't be able to play at all." So thank you so much! With how many choices there are in the video settings, I was wondering if there was going to be an expanded section for Sound Setting in the future? Options like, Foot steps: on/off, Fall damage (the cracking ankle): on/Off, Animal Sounds: on/Off, Machine Noise: on/off etc, might be cool to see in the future. Just wondering if other people would be interested in this as well. Or how much of a pain this would be to implement. I already
  7. When I first signed in I was greeted by an enthusiastic Community! Had troubles finding the rules board until I stumbled across the pressure plate. What a cool idea guys! Gratz to the person who took the time to input all of that. After reading all the rules, I continued on to take the quiz. When I got to the first question about banned items I had a face palm moment. I had read all the rules but had missed (a secondary board??) a banned items board. I guessed my way through that question but got the next banned item question wrong. Got Auto-banned. Its the first time I have ever been ba
  8. Kyle- With Hoogie afk with the family and Morris cut off by hurricane Sandy. So yes, by the balls lol. Panda, I am with you buddy. I really want to play. Daeds, this is a different server then the other "plots" server Kyle was talking about. Thats why I was so confused by your pm. lol Btw, before the server went down you may have seen that there was some major lag. Loosebeat(admin) discovered that someone left their factory on and it spewed 15,000 items everywhere. He fixed that and the server ran much better for a while. Now it is temp down until an owner can reboot. Lets
  9. Ok. Hoping I help clear up confusion. (and not cause more of it. ) This server is ( And I have not played with you guys on it yet. They took this one down and started working on it to become a Tekkit w/Towny server to be opened to us all later. This is not to be confused with the other EPC server ( which I have been playing on. It is temporarily down until Hoogie or Morris can get their computers back up to reboot the server. The post on this forum for this server is: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-new-extremeprocraft-pve-50-slots-open-lwc-tr
  10. Daeds, this is Dark. I am seeing the same thing. I think the Hurricane has our server by the balls at the mo. lol should be back up as soon as morris has internet back. Edit: Oups, btw. This server is great! Great community and good system in place.
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