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  1. So I'm trying to create my own modpack. I've never done this, and the instructions are as clear as mud. Here's where I'm gettin' stuck. Install Forge Forge enables Minecraft to load mods. Decide what version of Minecraft you will be using. If you already have a mod in mind, and that mod is a specific version, use that version. Download Minecraft Forge installer for the version you need. Note: It has to be the installer and not for example, the universal or src. Before Forge will install and work, you have to run Minecraft at least once for the version you want to install. Run the "Vanilla" Minecraft client selecting the version you want to use and running it at least once. This downloads the game and assets from Mojang making sure you have all of the required files for Forge. After running it once and letting it load all the way, close it. Run the Minecraft Forge installer now and choose install client. It also gives you an option to choose what directory to install Forge into. The default directory will be the correct one. If you change the location, write it down somewhere. Run the installer. After it completes, navigate to the location in step 4. You should see a mods folder as well as a few other things. Okay. so I've got my mods collected. I've got my file structure set up. What the actual hell am I supposed to be doing? 1) is set- 1.7.10 as with everything. 2) is also set- I've got it in there and renamed. 3) Bwuh? Am I supposed to download minecraft from somewhere and stick it in the folder? 4) Installer? What installer? I got a file I renamed to 'modpack.jar" I thought that's what I was supposed to do. 5) stuck, help?
  2. Gotcha. I'm already poking around.
  3. Ah, if only you had computercraft. Then I'd be so happy with this pack. And maybe Balkon's Weapon Mod.
  4. I'm sorry. I thought when it said 'MODDING' central it was about MODS. >< My bad. {"status":401,"error":"Request Unauthorized"} that's all I get when I go to check out your pack :(
  5. Now that I'm back- what kind of pack are you making?
  6. You're awesome, seriously. Thanks for all this!
  7. Holy hell that was fast, thanks! Question- what do you mean by "Dependencies?" And- how do I know what'll clash and what won't?
  8. This is me, officially needing help. >< I'm not even sure what some of them were called, so I'm confused. I was hoping to make a smallish pack with these: the "Carpenter's Blocks" stuff the Bundled Redstone that'll play with ComputerCraft ComputerCraft (I do know where to find THAT one at least) NEI Extra Utilities Thermal Expansion Atomic Science Buildcraft BC Transport Project Red: Integration/Illumination/ Redstone in Motion (Or similar) Forge Microblocks (Or similar) (Yeah, I'm mostly recreating tekkit. I liked the 'design something that builds stuff' angle A LOT. But large chunks of that mod I never used.)
  9. So since Tekkit is apparently no longer supported I decided to make my own mod pack. How hard can it be, I thought. I'm going through https://technicpack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203799459-How-to-create-a-server-for-your-Platform-modpack that guide but I have to ask- where do I FIND the mods? Do I have to be hunting them down myself or is there some grand compilation somewhere where I can pick them off, a la carte?
  10. Thanks for that. Any hints as to where I'd go to find a 'how to make your own pack' tutorial? I'm really new to this part. (I'm secretly hoping I can just download and toss in what I want, like items off a menu)
  11. Okay, these seem to be other peoples' server ads, not packs. Is there a "Pick and choose" method for creating a pack, perhaps? (I've never done it before. I tried once and horribly mangled it over a year ago XD)
  12. Well that would explain it. Any idea why? Or if there is a pack with Computercraft and some sort of bundled cable together?
  13. [Edit] I figured it out, I forgot to change RAM allocation. Now I need to figure out how to delete a post. ><
  14. So last time I checked out this pack it was just over a year ago. Before that I'd played for several months, then had to take a break. Originally, there was a bundled redstone wire and computercraft combo that worked. It worked great, in fact, and I designed a large amount of stuff around it. When I resumed about a year ago, it was no longer working. I was told to wait a few months for an update that'd fix it and similar on this forum when I asked. Well guys, it's been a -year.- I realised I hadn't played in forever so I decided to give it a shot, and lo and behold! ... still no compatibility between computercraft and bundled redstone. Is there any way to get that sort of functionality back? Or has it just been flat out abandoned here?
  15. Sadly I've tested it in 1.2.9 and it's broken there. I'm thinking of rolling back to 1.2.8 maybe?
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