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  1. Actually, for those interested, this is now a non-whitelisted Tekkit-Lite server. Feel free to join.
  2. This server is no longer a Tekkit server. It is now a Feed the Beast: Lite server. Thank you.
  3. I also experience similar issues. It is mainly with the timers and sequencers, but upon further investigation it seems to be happening even when using vanilla minecraft timer circuits made with repeaters and torches. I believe the issue is related to the red alloy wire and trying to send pulses down it. Steady state doesn't seem to cause much lag, but pulses, even slower pulses like one pulse every half second or so, seems to cause a great deal of rubber banding and lag, if sent over red alloy wire, no matter what the source is for the timer. I have a fairly decent computer. An Asus G
  4. I processed another round tonight. If you got a message from me, you were accepted.
  5. This is the current map. It is fairly large. http://www.roadwolf.ca/files/minecraft/SERVER.rar The town sites are marked.
  6. Greetings All, I plan on processing the 3rd round of applications tonight. There will be some minor changes to the rules regarding land ownership. Basically, you will be able to form a collective city hub, which would be a partnership between you and everyone else working there. Political positions will become open, and those who win them, will be able to rule over decisions happening within their town. Those leaders will also be expected to develop their home biomes which are connected to their town, by providing roads and connections to neighbouring towns. The leaders will not ha
  7. Perfect, that is what I wanted. Thank you.
  8. We're back up and ready to rock! Please note that the server description has changed slightly, and a few rules have been modified / added.
  9. Greetings all, Good news and bad news... Good news is, I am now on a static business class IP of ... bad news? I am still working on configuring the server, and worst yet, is that upon loading up again, it seems one of the mods is causing the server to crash. So I will likely roll back to my last backup, which was just before the server went offline during the IP switch. If that doesn't work I will need to reinstall tekkit, But I will copy the world file over to the new install.
  10. We have some interesting challenge spots available. Survival / Stranded starting locations, located in the middle of the ocean, are available to applicable interested parties. As well as a tree house, and a nice resort island cove.
  11. Greetings all, I will hopefully be able to process a few more applications soon. Priority is being given to those over 18, but being under doesn't exclude you. Also, based on the amount of time people put into their applications and if they emailed them or not. It also takes me a while to actually add someone to the server, as I will place them at their town site before they even log in. In most cases their spawn will already be set to their bed at their town, as new towns will be further and further away from the default spawn.
  12. Is there any way to copy the railcraft waypoints to a new IP? I would like to pass the master waypoint list on to my new players so they know where they are in the world. Thank you, Roadwolf.
  13. I would like to welcome anyone who is interested in regional survival game play to come join my server. The server seed is amazing, and features a massive ocean that is about 2000 meters wide at its narrowest explored spot. The ocean features many realistic decent sized islands, which would be perfect for someones secret outpost or island home. The mainland is also fairly large and there is much to be explored. The general idea with this server is that everyone gets a Town or Region to take care of. This allows for people to spread out and quarry without disturbing others who may pref
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