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  1. Actually, for those interested, this is now a non-whitelisted Tekkit-Lite server. Feel free to join.
  2. This server is no longer a Tekkit server. It is now a Feed the Beast: Lite server. Thank you.
  3. I also experience similar issues. It is mainly with the timers and sequencers, but upon further investigation it seems to be happening even when using vanilla minecraft timer circuits made with repeaters and torches. I believe the issue is related to the red alloy wire and trying to send pulses down it. Steady state doesn't seem to cause much lag, but pulses, even slower pulses like one pulse every half second or so, seems to cause a great deal of rubber banding and lag, if sent over red alloy wire, no matter what the source is for the timer. I have a fairly decent computer. An Asus G53J. It is a pure gaming laptop, and handles all of the latest games, at max graphics with little troubles. But still happens to bog down in this situation. Not as much as other computers it seems, but still quite a bit. The server I play on, is one I run, with over 20 active players. They are spread out over a fair distance, so that one persons laggy machine wont affect anyone else. I also know that this isn't a server side issue, as it seems that no one else is effected. It might be an optimization issue however in how minecraft sends data from server to client.
  4. I processed another round tonight. If you got a message from me, you were accepted.
  5. This is the current map. It is fairly large. http://www.roadwolf.ca/files/minecraft/SERVER.rar The town sites are marked.
  6. Greetings All, I plan on processing the 3rd round of applications tonight. There will be some minor changes to the rules regarding land ownership. Basically, you will be able to form a collective city hub, which would be a partnership between you and everyone else working there. Political positions will become open, and those who win them, will be able to rule over decisions happening within their town. Those leaders will also be expected to develop their home biomes which are connected to their town, by providing roads and connections to neighbouring towns. The leaders will not have op powers, however they may eventually run for a regional leadership 'election' which will grant said leaders op powers in order to manage their regional district. however that will only be granted if I believe you are an honest, mature and dedicated player. Thanks,
  7. Perfect, that is what I wanted. Thank you.
  8. We're back up and ready to rock! Please note that the server description has changed slightly, and a few rules have been modified / added.
  9. Greetings all, Good news and bad news... Good news is, I am now on a static business class IP of ... bad news? I am still working on configuring the server, and worst yet, is that upon loading up again, it seems one of the mods is causing the server to crash. So I will likely roll back to my last backup, which was just before the server went offline during the IP switch. If that doesn't work I will need to reinstall tekkit, But I will copy the world file over to the new install.
  10. We have some interesting challenge spots available. Survival / Stranded starting locations, located in the middle of the ocean, are available to applicable interested parties. As well as a tree house, and a nice resort island cove.
  11. Greetings all, I will hopefully be able to process a few more applications soon. Priority is being given to those over 18, but being under doesn't exclude you. Also, based on the amount of time people put into their applications and if they emailed them or not. It also takes me a while to actually add someone to the server, as I will place them at their town site before they even log in. In most cases their spawn will already be set to their bed at their town, as new towns will be further and further away from the default spawn.
  12. Is there any way to copy the railcraft waypoints to a new IP? I would like to pass the master waypoint list on to my new players so they know where they are in the world. Thank you, Roadwolf.
  13. I would like to welcome anyone who is interested in regional survival game play to come join my server. The server seed is amazing, and features a massive ocean that is about 2000 meters wide at its narrowest explored spot. The ocean features many realistic decent sized islands, which would be perfect for someones secret outpost or island home. The mainland is also fairly large and there is much to be explored. The general idea with this server is that everyone gets a Town or Region to take care of. This allows for people to spread out and quarry without disturbing others who may prefer mining by hand or with turtles. The regions aren't well defined, except at their centers. Town sites are situated often no closer then 300 meters. There is no PvP at the moment, but a storyline and roleplaying style of PvP or regional warfare may be in the cards for the future. Several town sites are marked, as I discover them. As an explorer, you may also scout out new town sites and mark them with a torch and sign, naming the town/hill/body of water. They will differ in what local resources are available. So you are asked to specify what style of play, and what resources you desire in your application. The main town is called Mahihkan, and is located next to Spawn and the Nether Portal. Roads and lighted paths are being made to each town from the main Spawn. Current Map: http://www.roadwolf.ca/files/minecraft/SERVER.rar New Options: Town Hubs can be agreed upon by local collective of players, and a mayor can be decided between those players. The Town Hub may encompass the area of all of the players land, combined and anyone within that town may build anywhere given that it is agreed upon and okay'ed with the Mayor. Town hubs do grant more freedom, and even allow for a larger sphere of separation from other new player spawn points, thus allowing a larger space between major town hubs. Technical Specs: This server is hosted in the Buffalo, NY area over a Business Class cable internet connection. The server itself is a Dell PowerEdge 850 Rack Mounted Server. This is the only application running on this server. The IP: minecraft.roadwolf.ca Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz Memory: 4GB ECC RAM OS: Windows Home Premium 64-bit Hard Drives: Dual WDC WD2500AAKX-001CA0 ATA (250GB x 2) This server is backed up every 30 minutes. It also has a 24/7 uptime. I am sure the server and connection is capable of more then 20 slots, but that is what it is set at for now. This server has hosted a 24 slot TF2 server, and an 8 slot L4D2 Server at the same time in the past. Server Rules: This is a survival based server. Therefore players must expect to not receive or be able to get any free items. Even Admins are expected to play within their own game play, using the tools they create from the items they mine. Admins or Regional leaders may be allowed free items for building inter-town infrastructure. This is considered an 18+ server. Therefore conversation in chat, and content design is not regulated. However abuse of other players will not be tolerated. Players may build any item they see fit within their building area (usually extends about 100 meters in ay direction from the Town Center, but may be larger in some cases, or combined with another town if both players agree). This includes 2D pixel art. Damaging another players creations is not allowed unless the player is online at the time, and consents to PvP. If creations are accidentally damaged, the offending player must try to rebuild them as best they can, or compensate with a reasonable trade of goods. Violators will be banned. PvP is allowed if someone is trespassing on your land. PvP is also allowed in self defense or if the two parties have consented to battle. However PvP which is undesired or spawn camping, is not allowed. Violators will be banned. Players are asked to try to limit their use of World Anchors to no more then 5. Items in chests within structures are to be considered private unless a sign says otherwise. Respect other peoples hard earned items. Items in chests outside, are considered public. Traps or setups which are designed to trap or kill a player, are not allowed except as defense within your own structures. Unclaimed areas or resources are fair game. Roads are considered public. Do not steal from them. All players may build / mine / destroy anything within 150 meters radius of their own town post. If you wish to build / mine / destroy outside of your town limits, be sure it won't effect anyone else, or co-ordinate with anyone it may/has affected, in order to resolve potential land conflicts. Additionally, land which is already developed can retain squatters rights anywhere within a 50 meter radius, over new development. Town hubs may be created which merge all the town sites of the players in agreement of this partnership. Each player in the town hub partnership can build anywhere within the town hub. Town Hubs may have a radius no larger then 500 meters. Mayors must work on developing infrastructure (roads, bridges, landscaping...) of the biomes affected by their Town Hub. Community: This server has a history of being the server for an old TF2 clan called the Flying Circus / FLC. Some of the players on the server are people who were formerly involved in that clan with myself. Others are personal friends of mine in real life. I do hope to make new friends through the server. Admins: Roadwolf ColonelFox Grodous111 A TeamSpeak server may be set up for this server, if the need arises. At the moment, Skype is commonly used. My Skype is roadwolf611 Applications: Applications can be sent via email to me and must include the following: Your Minecraft username. Your age. Your general location in the world (Earth). Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource? A general description of your ideal playstyle and any other information about you. If approved, a file will be added on the server for you, and you will be located at your assigned town site. When you log in you will have some basics and you will be at your starting site, with a small shelter and bed. You should make a waypoint for your town, if one doesn't exist. People are added in phases, about once a week or so. Please be patient. Anyone interested please email me at [email protected] with your application. Thanks
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