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  1. Age: 16 IGN (In Game Name) spartan5573 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I've been hawking through the server-list and this server caught my eye, from it's page it seems like a good server (plus i'm partial to white-listed servers for quality and community reasons). I've been wanting to get back on new tekkit, I remember it was loads of fun to play, and this seems like a good place to do so What Do you want to Build? I'd like to setup a computer network for whoever i team with for sure, I LOVE computercraft. Probably a moon base for the sake of tradition, definitely some other
  2. GN: spartan5573 Location: United States Age: 16 Ban History: None Tekkit Exp: i played tekkit classic for years, I've played this modpack as well since it's been in the launcher, I like it alot. My main skill in the new modpack is Computercraft, I thrive on that mod. I do however know how to utilize most of the other mods. Goals: As far as my goals go, I'd like to either expand into a powerful business, or join up with an existing one, and use my skills to help it grow. I really like getting to use my programming skills in different ways based upon the needs/concepts of people in game, al
  3. (I am a current member of the server, however I am applying for a friend) Age:16 IGN (In Game Name) CruelBiscuit Why Do you want to Play on this Server? It was recommended by a friend What Do you want to Build? Build with spartan, hopefully get to the moon, make a moon base that's really cool
  4. Age: 16 IGN (In Game Name) spartan5573 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I've been looking for a new tekkit server since the last one I played on went down, and this one looks REALLY nice What Do you want to Build? I plan to build a compound with some of my friends. Together we're going to re-build the virtual intelligence i constructed back on tekkit classic a while ago. After that, the moon, then, who knows what, it's minecraft after all!
  5. In-game name: spartan5573 Age: 16 Time Zone: Eastern Central Time Have you ever been banned? Please post your result here: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/753119329978858fe4d40fe94081ccef9f6d8c04 What is your Tekkit experience?: I've been playing since when forestry was first in. I Use ALOT of computercraft, and at this point I'd say I've mastered it for the most part. I can do some pretty amazing/useful things with the mod. Besides that, I'm familiar with Ic2, BC, EE, and redpower Why do you want to join Fekkit?: I like white-listed servers, and this one seems to be a pretty good one. WH
  6. Username:spartan5573 Age:16 Why Tekkitopia? It looks like a good quality server. I also prefer to play on white-listed servers, as the communities are infinitely better. Your secret code:11spa
  7. Your in-game name: spartan5573 Why do you want to join our server?: I'm looking for a new tekkit server to play on that has a good community Why JWL?: The server has fair and reasonable rules/restrictions/banneditems and that I know of still has computercraft (my favorite mod). That, and I find that white-list servers typically have good communities. Something about yourself: Well, I'm on an FRC team. I basically head it, I'm familiar with all the systems, the programming, components, you name it I can do it. I like to program alot, and I can do some astonishing things with compute
  8. ^I think it's maintenance. That's what is says on their website. Idk if they're still doing it today or not but I assume so because I can't get on :P
  9. My account is already whitelistes, however I am applying for a friend so he can join too name: yoko52 age:16 What are you going to build: I intend to join with spartan5573 and build up the compound, and moon base with him
  10. Nickname: spartan5573 Age: 16 What are you going to build?: Mid-Sized base. If I join a town, I'll help develop it. I do plan to make a base managing virtual intelligence. Did it in tekkit classic before, worked wonders (also as a grief deterrent ). At some point, a moon base would be cool.
  11. In game name: spartan5573 Computer Craft Expert, excellent with Ic2 and Bc, decent with Rp2 Alot of tekkit/technic experience Understands role-play (I rather enjoy it as well)
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