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Redpower Partialy Disabled server crash

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I just updated my server from 2.1.1 to 3.0.3 after deciding it was finally time to start fresh with the new verison. I dislike parts of redpower such as the cheap overpowered tools and the strange enviroment, so I tried to disable redpower by deleting the parts I didnt want. This of course caused the server to crash, so I restored the files, and went to the config files to disable them there. However, after some fiddling with the files, I have no clue how to disable mods using the new config files.


How to disable mods using new config file setup?

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works great for single player, not finding a modloader.cfg in the tekkit server files though

Found out that I missed deleting the .class files in the redpower/net/minecraft/server/ section which was making the server still look for the deleted files, thanks for your help

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