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  1. I have no sympathy for idiots who complain that they were banned for being obnoxious assholes when there's no explicit rule against it.
  2. I won't ding you for a low-effort post but please put this in the right section. The Pagoda is not for general mod bug reports.
  3. Forgebukkit's been dead for a long, long while. Are you thinking of MCPC+?
  4. Shut up about Mac OS malware or I'll put you all on posting probation.
  5. I'm extremely confused. How is Big Dig cheating, exactly?
  6. I'm going to lock this because you posted in the wrong section, but before I do: Error seems pretty cut and dry to me, you can't download Minecraft for some reason. Try again later, maybe? Move where the Launcher stores its files?
  7. Hi im new here and i love the show ed edd and eddy on cartoon network when i was a kid so i give that an A

  8. I've never used WinRAR, but from what I've seen you can do pretty much all the same basic functions it has with 7-Zip, although 7-Zip can only decompress RAR files, it can't create them.
  9. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8974580/gees-modpack-1.0.zip Try this. I repackaged the ZIP using 7-Zip. WinRAR should've worked but it can be weird at times.
  10. You're trying to use the way Forge is setup at the present for a 1.2.5 modpack. Coremods were not a thing until very recently. I can tell just looking at it that ModLoaderMP needs to go in the JAR, although IIRC the last versions of Forge for 1.2.5 eliminated the need for ModLoaderMP.
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