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  1. When you clicked the "share link" button right click the "download" button for the file and hit "copy link location"? I made that mistake my first time around, and it would only download as vanilla.
  2. All your folders are set up correctly and it isn't downloading correctly? Are you using Dropbox, by any chance?
  3. I had that issue when I was dealing with setting up my modpack. Let me go down a list of things that I did and tried. (yes mine works) - Are you using Dropbox? (this will determine extra help provided if yes) - Are you using WinRar? If so, I had a problem in which the archive .zip file wasn't being read correctly. I simply un-installed WinRar temporarily, reconstructed the .zip (just copied over the bin/config/coremods/mods folders) to a new zip and it was picked up. - What Teraku asked, what version of Forge and did you compile the modpack.jar correctly? - Did you make sure you can access the modpack when you put it on the internet? Either Dropbox, Google Drive, Mediafire, If there isn't a working link to your modpack, the launcher cannot download it. Get back to me with answers and I'll help as much as I can. Yeah, you forgot to ask more questions. You didn't ask enough!
  4. Did you R-Click the download link in dropbox (the sharelink screen download button) and click copy link location? If you don't do that it won't download.
  5. How wouldn't it be getting the .zip properly? Do I need to config Solder API as well?
  6. No, the rest of the log reads nicely and it isn't until it tries to find the modpack.jar that it goes wrong. Additionally, I did just manually insert the modpack.jar and all my mods/coremods into the launcher and it DOES work. But when I tried booting a second time it crashed as well. So now I need to find out how to get the entire thing to load the mods automatically and why it crashes like that. EDIT: Are you saying to make it just a regular file instead of a .zip with everything in it?
  7. It extracts the mods now (yaaaay) but not the .bin, and more specifically it cannot find the modpack.jar. There is a modpack.jar file there. EDIT: It doesn't extract any of the mods, but it does go through the process of extracting things from the .zip instead of ignoring it like it didn't exist.
  8. You like putting things the amusing way, don't you? I do like downloads, by the way... >_>
  9. Well....I think I dun goofed again. :l This error is definitely new for me...
  10. Forgive the stupid question that is about to follow, I've been at this for a few hours (I'm a little brain dead now) and I'm just now getting help (thank you so much, by the way, both of you.), on the platform when it asks for the URL I just change it to "dl" instead of "www"?
  11. What's the difference and how do I get the dl.dropbox instead of www.dropbox? I'm not too familiar with the site and how it works. I've had past experience with it before, just not for this.
  12. Ah. Well I'm going to run the version you re-sent me... hopefully it'll come through like it should. (has fingers crossed) EDIT: Just loaded as Vanilla MC again. -sigh- Goodbye, WinRar. Hello again, 7-Zip.
  13. I'll give it a shot, if it comes down to it I'll re-download 7-Zip and remove WinRar. I don't truly have a 100% need for it. Though, how do you use 7-Zip like WinRar? (offtopic, yes)
  14. Coming right up, good sir. (Don't mind the name so much, it's just a working name until I get the thing stable)
  15. Ok, so my modpack is mostly all nice and pretty now except when I go to retrieve the pack it fails and loads as vanilla. So doing what I can, I check the launcher log and it says: Now what I don't get is that the modpack is indeed contained inside of a .zip file. Would WinRar be the culprit here?