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Problem with morph mod


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Hi, i installed tecnhicraft, lanched it and started a new game with the attack of the beta team modpack.


My problem is that i can't find how to open the MORPH menu. So i cannot change what i am, and i'm stuck in a chicken boddy. The rest of the modpack seems to work.

I tried to change the keys for the morph mod, but it didn't worked.

Please heeeeelp ^^

sorry for my english, i'm french.

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I wish i could remember off the top what the normally assigned button is, I know on my keyboard it is the [ key. it opens a little side menu on the left of your screen where you can change morphs. There is a key bind listed in the configs section that you can change to a key of your liking. It DOES matter for macs, if you are using a Mac then you may need to do some further work as the key binds between windows and mac are not identical. 

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