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  1. ^^^has some great tutorials and had also started an LP series on ATOB.
  2. are you playing on single or multi player? if your on a multi server and the ip or port changes your set points and such will change.
  3. Here are the official comments from the launcher page and the ATOBt tracker. Launcher notice http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89 Tracker. http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-4150-attack-of-the-b-team-crashes-includes-launcher-console/?gopid=19858#entry19858
  4. I have tried Fastcraft and Optifine, the leak happens both ways. Running out of memory is onyl the issue after a time of playing. The machine has over 20gig however i have been advised to not allocate more than 4gig to the launchers.
  5. have not tried vanilla, only have tested on modded. Vid card brand new install drivers checked upon install and were up to date (install less than 2 weeks ago) no it does not.
  6. nothing specific in the launchers I know of, I keep the ram at 4gb or less. I have tried at 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 and this occurs at all levels tested.
  7. Hello all, not quite sure if this is the spot for this but it did not have a specific area otherwise. Please move if needed. I am having ap roblem playing any 1.7.10 modded minecraft pack, not just here at Technic but also from FTB and AT launchers as well. Packs I have tried: the 1.7.10 modpack Modsauce FTB Alpha Direwolf All produce the same issue and that is a constant memory use. In game I can watch the memory % used constantly run at 17% and go up to 40% and then back down. The longer i play the higher it goes until ultimately the game starts to freeze or becomes unplayable due to low FPS. I have tried with and without optifine and the same results occour. I have tried Superflats, amplified, BoP, and standard. Comp Specs Mac Pro 4.1 2.66 quad core xenon 640gb 5400 RPM drive 20gig ddr3 ram Radeon Sapphire HD 7950 graphics card Java 7u72 This is NOT an issue for any 1.6.4 modpack i have tried, Attack of the B Team, Agrarian Skies, FTB, Tekkit, or Hexxit (Did not do alot of gameplay on hexxit or tekkit). Help is appreciated thank you.
  8. al you need to change is the one key,that key opens up the window on the screen when you are playing so you can swap between morphs.
  9. You dont create yellow dye, it is one of the primaries. It is known as Dandelion yellow, ie those little yellow flowers. The yellow saplings would also work.
  10. I wish i could remember off the top what the normally assigned button is, I know on my keyboard it is the [ key. it opens a little side menu on the left of your screen where you can change morphs. There is a key bind listed in the configs section that you can change to a key of your liking. It DOES matter for macs, if you are using a Mac then you may need to do some further work as the key binds between windows and mac are not identical.
  11. are you sure that the game is using the other card, I know that has also been a problem in the past. You may find more help searching and or posting on the tracker.,
  12. Right on Browser, the extractor cards makes a BIG difference, but also watch which side of the card you upgrade, one side is for send, the other is receive. I have upgraded all my chips but that was also because i have way to much stuff lol.
  13. You are right on that I forget what it was that I kept running into but I eventually just have all the sapplings running thru a unifier and I no longer have any issues with anything. It all runs in the background to no worries for me. PJ the ones they are reffering to are all under the witchery mod. easy to find when you open NEI and type @witchery you will see all the associated blocks. The altar is a multi block structure made up of 6 alter blocks placed in a 3x2 rectangle. The circles are fairly well explained in the circle magic book that you can craft. Actually I would recomend crafting all the witchery books if you want to learn about it, they are all full of information. That and the witchery wiki page. https://sites.google.com/site/witcherymod/
  14. Building up with the tech stuff as Browser mentiond is alot of fun, and then with the other mods finishing off the areas is finally fun. I agree playing with carpenters blocks and chisel after you have stuff kind of laid out is great. I did the same thing with the copper chests, however now that I am months into the game I have alot of deep storage units for things. For the dyes that are a pain to gather I started using tree farms not only for power source but the sapplings can be run thru a unifier and they turn into dyes. Not all require the unifier but some do. If you get enough of the tech side going and having everything auto process for you then I might get into galacticraft and go to the moon or mars or build a space station....its all fun!
  15. Witchery certainly is fun, but I really do like MFR there is so much you can do with it, from massive setups to just collect almost ungodly amounts of things to trying to cram things into the smallest spaces possible and automating everything. If your so inclined you could really take it into another level and start having fun with some of the project red stuff and really automate your entire place from lights and machines to anything you cna think of.
  16. Laser drill is an energy HOG but it produces ores out of thin air. If you have a TON of power and nothing else to do with it, its a nice way to burn it off and get all the different ore blocks with it. The more your feed it the faster it works. I have mine running at full power and i would say i can get an ore block every minute or there abouts.
  17. Just looking for some general advice for setting my graphics the best for the mod pack. I just got a new to me computer Mac Pro 4.1 OSX 10.10 2.66 quad core 640gb HD (will be upgrading to SSD soon and adding additional drives also) 20 gig ram total (2 8gig and 2 2 gig chips) AMD Radeon 7950 with 3gig of ram on the card Please no chatter about windows is better or mac is better. Im asking about this setup or an addition to this setup not to sell it and buy a new one. I tested out the comp after setup and download of the recommended Java 7_U42 build and I am getting around 70FPS in a single player creative world I would have thought that the FPS should have been a bit higher. Open GL graphics is off Clouds are off Bobbing is off was running in full screen particals at all render at normal Max FPS setting Fancy graphics brightness at brightest Also when logging into a small server a friend and I play on wandering around our main build area im getting between 25 and 45 FPS but if I look straight up into the sky about 60FPS We do have a fairly large and automated area with farms, wichery, and a fair amount of micro blocks. Do these numbers sound about right for this setup? Recommendations to improve either the computer settings, the minecraft settings, or other settings?
  18. Actually the Lava issue is a known bug with the fluidicts not galacticraft wire. I have NO galacticraft wire in my setups as I know they can cause some chunk corruption when exploiting that bug (as mentioned several other places here) I just have a magmatic dynamo pointed at a Lava generator with a fluiduct over the top of the two of them and then into a tank. There are several videos out on this but with 1 lava generator I am powering my entire base and a laser drill with 4 prechargers and have no issues with power. Your right about the Darwin mobs, i totally forgot about Generiks setup there. Great use of mobs and can be used as food production as well. There are several ways to get ores, in the past I would just go out with a hammer and go to town on it and then pulverize or use the induction smelter with either cinabar or rich slag. But at this point in the game I have so many resources its almost sickening. I really like that it is not a problem to get ores and process, but that is why I did the laser drill with an automated setup into a pulverizor and redstone furnace. Now I can just go and build and explore without having to concern myself with materials.
  19. ugh, dang hats mod lol. I cant tell you how many times that creeper hat has gotten me wandering around my animal farms.
  20. Mekanism isnt in the B-Team modpack, cant really help ya with that one.
  21. The tracker would be the appropriate place for this, but with Java there is a known issue (I had the same problem and found the solution on the tracker) with java version 8 and the forge loader. Also ensure that you have uninstalled all previous instalations of Java and retry with Java 7 for your appropriate machine and see if that helps.
  22. I agree im curious as well as to what it might be. I would give it a shot, i mean heck with death markers and tombstones you can always get your stuff back anyways. See what happens, worst case just sprint the other direction (unless you have flight already)
  23. There are many different setups to use, as mentioned the tree farm is what I would call the "old reliable" setup. Always works, and if you want more use out of it use the sawmill to cut the logs into planks, they do yeild more than the charcoal and you can get the sawdust and reprocess that into charcoal. The mob grinder as mentioned above is another good option for power but only works when your around, unless your using an auto spawner. There is a glitchy way using liquiducts and a lava generator but no idea when/if that will get patched. I know a few of the B-Team guys have used the tropicraft corals and fish with a reactant dynamo as well. This is probably the easiest "free" option there is unless you use a vanilla mob spawner and a grinder but either of those you need to be in the area of to make work.
  24. Not to help drag out an old subject but for those that find it... Your right or at least from what I have seen and heard the dye drop is gone. As for the dyes and trees, I have been very effectively collecting them, when i first started tree farming I ended up using a colored sapling as it was what was around me. Since then the tree farm has become rather large and automated. At any time i have 9 separate colors out there being farmed for wood and then just using the saplings thru a unifier to create the vanilla dyes. The tree farm itself could be more efficient as all the trees are separated from each other (as they grow between birch jungle and oak) but this isnt an issue with planters and harvesters honestly. At this point just about everything is being kept in deep storage and the game is becoming very automated (thankfully) so there has to be 250k plus of each dye. Periodically i will change the saplings in the planter to vary what is being stored but there is certainly no need to want for dye on the map.
  25. There are two types of Marble in the game actually one is from artiface and off the top I forget what puts the other one in.
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