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Draev Play'n The Technic Pack


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(Saw this was moved to a Let's Play Board with good pointers on making a good post. So a nice little edit.)

Whats up Lords and Ladies of the Internet! As you can tell I'm Draev, play'n the technic pack. If that wasn't obvious I hope it is now. Anyway, just to say a little about the let's play so you know whats going on in it. I've had someone say that it's kinda turned into a similar idea as Direwolf's let's play, but funnier. I'd have to say that is a very good description. I like humor, but I also want to show everything the technic pack and vanilla minecraft has to offer. So of course I take suggestions and helpful hints of things you know of that I miss. I always to to heart things my subscribers say. So come and enjoy and hopefully we'll have a lot of fun together!

Latest Episode (25):



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I have updated with two more episodes and more are coming out daily. I of course am always looking for opinions and ways to improve my series. My style changes around episode 20 and I start having a focus in my episodes. Hope you enjoy!

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After finding you in my subscribers list and checking through your Let's Play, I reckoned you probably found me via the forums and I wanted to check to see if you also did a forum post, and look what I found!

Pretty awesome stuff you have here, was great to watch, looking forward to more, don't worry too much if you worry about your content not being enjoyable, if you enjoy yourself and you're having fun, it's more the likely that other people will be enjoying it too!

Keep up the good work.

DomLeAwesome/Dom/TehValinus/Valinus <- (Holysheet I have too many names)

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