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Could A Admin Please Help Me

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The Tekkit Launcher Doesn't Work For Me And I Found Out My Java Is Messed Up And I Carnt Run The Tekkit Launcher So If A Admin Could Send Me The .techniclauncher\tekkit Folder I Can Manually Install Tekkit Myself.

(The Reason Why Im Not Asking People To Send Me It Is Because That Is Illegal)

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I know he can't answer anymore, but I really gotta wonder how he thinks having a forum mod send him the tekkit folder is more legal than a normal person?

Is he saying moderators aren't people? Is kaker harboring feral AI's and using them as forum mods? Are they on the run from their duties as spam-block evaders?

If they are, how would mattcool know? Is he an AI himself, an older model not capable of spelling and punctuation, sent to ferret out the rogues?

Did we just witness epic cybercombat?

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