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Trouble Downloading


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I have tried to download Tekkit about 5 times now, each time, I completely uninstall the Technic launcher, I even deleted all the data for all my modpacks, even my world saves!  But nothing ever works, Tekkit just won't download.  I'm getting really pissed at this shitty launcher because it's done this same thing in the past with Voltz.  Either fix this dumb problem, or remove the broken downloaders from the modpack list.  I think I speak for everyone when I say, "We don't want to be teased with modpacks we can't download"

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Relax. This is not a Technic issue, otherwise the tracker and forums would be swamped with angry users. Mojang notably had outages yesterday, so that might be the cause. Apart from that, check your security software. Sometimes, that tends to block access to some servers.


If you visit Mojang support, you will notice that they are still flagging Minecraft.net as shaky. Since authentification for all Minecraft installations runs through their servers, it won't work when these are down. Some call this intrusive DRM.

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