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Need a little help with lag issues on my lan server

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Me and my roommate have been running a lan server for a while without issues until a couple of days ago. Basically the server has been lagging very badly but only in certain areas of the map, mostly in or near our base. I'm not sure if there are too many machnines running and the server can't keep up or not. We're running it on his computer so the server isn't being run on it's own machine. His computer is pretty powerful. He has 6gb of ram and a really fast processor, I don't see his computer being the issue. Oh and should probably mention that the server is only set to use 2gb right now maybe we should increase that, could that be the problem?

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My roommate and I...

What are his system specs and what type of machinery are you talking about?

2Gb allocation for a server of 2 is plenty unless you load crazy amounts of chunks.

It could be his processor or computer especially if he plays on the computer and it uses integrated graphics because it's using computer overhead to render video. Does the server run fine when he's not playing? Does the lag change if he turns MC graphics down?

Without knowing more about the computer itself, we can't really eliminate the computer as the potential problem.

What type of machinery? Is there a possibility for an IC2 power loop, entities being dropped from pipes (try a remove entities command "/remove items -1"), or many redstone timers or complex redstone machines?

Without knowing more about what you have there (at least a rough idea), we can't eliminate that as the source of the problem either.

So...bring us some info or figure it out.

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