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  1. "...can seriously no one help me with this problem? "

    stop from console or /stop from in-game.

  2. "There's a Mystcraft port for Bukkit now!"

    It's been out for over a month, good job tracking that one down.

    If you had bothered looking before posting your useless thread, you'd have found mine and other instructions on how to install it and get it working in Tekkit 3.1.2.

    1. LazDude2012


      well thank you. I hadn't known about it, seeing as the only thread I'd seen on the subject ended in jakj declaring the two incompatible for good.

    2. Yuriy


      Reply sent in PM.

  3. Post a proper bug report in the proper forum (the bug forum). Also, prior to that, delete the installation folder (Technic or Tekkit) that's giving you problems and try re-installing from scratch. Don't forget to use the launcher logs in your bug report as they have more information. Also, pastebin.
  4. Guess that depends on how Pahimar codes EE2 and EE3, doesn't it? I think Pahimar would react favorably to being asked such questions. On second hand, probably not. In short, wait and see.
  5. You have backups... You don't have to play the newly-generated map, it was for diagnosing whether it just had trouble loading your map. Either way, yeah, try loading from a backup and find out where, when, and how the corruption occurred so it doesn't happen again.
  6. Some tools allow you to fix or regenerate corrupt chunks but may have trouble working with mods. I'd tried, in vain, to fix map corruption within Tekkit twice. Although it may be possible, I'd often rather start over than spend hours trying to fix it. Nevertheless, you didn't answer my question...terrible form answering a question with a question without at least providing for me an answer.
  7. Map corruption? Have you tried with a fresh or non-generated map?
  8. Download Tekkit Server. Port forward port 25565 from your router to your hosting computer. Run server. Stop server ("stop" command). Go into server properties file and enable whitelisting. Modify white list to include people. Start and play.
  9. Help us help you. In other words, provide more information because we can't read your mind.
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/small-scale-recruitment-thread.22584/
  11. "Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/server/mod_NetherOres : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" Just pointing out that if you read the errors many of them will give you a clue as to what you should search for. The part in bold is the topic of many threads and commonly associated with not running Java 7 (or MC not loading into Java 7 if both 6 and 7 are installed). Just trying to help you learn to troubleshoot some basic errors. Also, if you can't troubleshoot something and it's a basic install or bug, I'm also trying to explain that you should use the bug foru
  12. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/do-not-ask-others-to-find-you-a-tekkit-server.22029/
  13. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7u7-downloads-1836441.html Get the x64 for whatever OS you run. Also, you're in the wrong section with the wrong format. If you had searched Unsupported major.minor version bug using the forum search, you'd have found it's a common problem and you'd need to get Java 7. For the record, currently (I believe), you need Java 7 for Advanced Machines, Nether Ores, and at least one other mod whose name I've forgotten.
  14. "...NVIDIA, they're the good stuff."

    Around here those are fighting words!

    Well, not really, just messing with you. ;p

    I do like ATI though, ha-ha.

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    2. Xylord


      Eh, I know, but I just happen to have a double-fan cooling-ish thingy in there. That, with 3-monthly dust cleanings, and I never had any heat issues, no matter what I was playing with, and without a cooling pad (Didn't mention it, but I'm on a laptop too).

    3. Yuriy


      Well, of course you're on a laptop...nobody puts a xxxN into any sort of desktop ;p

    4. Xylord


      Oh, derp. Of course, laptop video cards probably can't go in desktop motherboards *facepalm*. I just thought that an external observer could see the cooling pad part as illogical if I didn't specify this. 'Cause there's obviously one of my creepy followers stalking this discussion right now.

  15. You can't take the trip wires out if you're launching it on a 1.2.5 server. Whatever id is assigned to tripwires in 1.2.5 will replace trip wires...if no id is assigned, they'll turn to air. If the map is made around trip wires, I'd probably just host a regular 1.3 server (or a bukkit variant of a 1.3 server).
  16. If you get the right bukkit server version and the normal client, all they would have to do is drop the jar into the mod folder. Either way, as you wish.
  17. Yes, those vanilla maps are usually balanced around only being able to craft vanilla items. Although I haven't played it, if it's possible to craft some tekkit items, they may offer an unfair advantage depending on the resources to which one has access. If I'm not mistaken, trip wires were only added in MC 1.3 (could be wrong). If so, then you wouldn't be able to craft them and they'll probably turn into something funky if you tried running that map on a 1.2.5 bukkit server with Tekkit on it. In short, consider the map and the players. My girlfriend and I play maps like that on our Tekkit
  18. I've run vanilla adventure maps on Tekkit servers all the time. Just make sure they're made for the right version of MC (I have one map made for MC 1.3 that has trees covered in DM pedestals for some reason). But for normal MC 1.2.5 maps, it should be fine as long as you know that mod item crafting will be possible and you're fine with that.
  19. Dude, just install the new Forestry in 3.1.2...there're several threads on this forum that'll tell you how to do it. Go search for them.
  20. Ask an admin nicely? The Request sub-forum would probably be the most appropriate. Edit: It's here now.
  21. http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/modders-metropolis.42/
  22. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-create-and-use-a-block-id-dump.10289/ You use it whenever you run into a block/item id conflict. If you have the dump generated before you install stuff, you'll know what ids are available and then you change the newly-generated configs to match a fresh id. I try to get everything running client-side first (lets you know if forge is going apeshit). Once the client works in an SSP test, I try to get the bukkit ports working server-side. I make backups of all my servers and I have at least 10 servers on my computer I can run at any one time (loca
  23. It depends if you're one of the people playing Tekkit in SSP or SMP. Whenever I mod my Tekkit install, I normally [back up and] perform a block id dump for the client then try to get the mods working client-side. If they work in testing, I'll run the same version bukkit port onto the server and then test it after I'm done updating the configs. I can't tell you if those particular mods will work because I don't use them and I don't want to install them to test them. However, most mods will allow you to research if they're compatible with a specific forge version, if they require additional APIs
  24. How about some more information? For single player, you can probably just grab the newest forge version and toss it into your modpack.jar. If you intend to play online (what Tekkit was designed for), you need to get the forge version of (client) because that's the only version with a bukkit port at the moment (I believe).
  25. No, but you can try the mods here ( http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5 ). If they work with forge and don't have conflicts with other mod versions, they may work without blowing your stuff up. Make sure you get an id dump before you add anything that adds blocks and uses ids (in case of conflicts).
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