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Pipes doing wierd things with items

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I have made pipe system to pump items from a chest to a macerator, then pump the items into an electric furnace, then into a chest. Pretty standard stuff that works.

But with one major issue. When an copper ore block is being pumped from a chest to the macerator, the pipe put the copper block in the output slot.


There are a lot of these wrong slot issues through my whole assembly line... :/

Been watching Tekkit with Duncan vids to learn about tekkit, and I am doing the same thing, just wrong results.

Is there a reason for this insanity??? @_@

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Tubes, pneumatic tubes. Basically, as long as they're connected to stuff, they'll keep extras inside instead of spitting them into the world.

It's better to deal with a backup or a bottleneck than a geyser (especially for servers).

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