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FFG Adam

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Ok, I know that this game is the current cliché of horror but I was so exited for this, and it came out today! I bought it a few minutes ago and I'm really exited for when it finishes downloading! Please tell me what you think of this game if you have or haven't played it, but all I know is there are no power level, no doors but now you can press CTRL to activate a flashlight to see. Also, there is a new animatronic in the game, but from what I know from the kids drawings, its kind of a puppet, but I call it the "Puppet Master"! Please help me make this a well-known nickname for it! 



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Ok, this game has a lot of new things. I just lost the game to new Chica and after that the screen had red lines going across it and then an old style RPG game happened where I could see the puppet master. Dunno what that's about though, please tell me if you know.


P.S. I'm not bumping, I'm sharing info on the game as it happens.

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I do know, I edited my last comment. I'll try to edit as much as possible, but entirely new discoveries will get a new comment (But not always)


Also, there seems to be something when you start the game for the first time. You are inside a Freddy suit in the original pizzeria and then a command prompt screen comes up with "err" and this also happens after night 2, but this time round it'll say "its me"


This game is f♥cked up at times

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