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NEI Loaded "Inventories" not available in SMP

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I believe you need to be in "Cheat mode", as NEI just spawns the items into your inventory. Because of that, you'll likely need to be an op or whatever other permission level your server requires to be able to cheat in items.

EDIT - To enable "cheat mode," you have to click on the "options" button in the lower left corner of NEI. From that screen, you should have a button that will say either Utility or Recipe Mode. Toggle through that to get cheat mode, if allowed.

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Another thought - You may need to enable cheat mode by going into the Tekkit Server's Config folder and opening NEI.cfg. There will probably be a line that says cheat=false, or something along those lines to do with the loadouts. I can't access my server files to verify.

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