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How to block Crafting of Tekkit items with modify world

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Ok so to block the crafting of tekkit using pex and modify world is pretty simply. The only way it worked for is by adding the permissions Ingame or by the server console. This is what you type

Don't forget the perm modifyworld.*

Some examples

Solar array

/pex group Everyone add -modifyworld.items.craft.183

Solar panel

/pex group Vip add -modifyworld.items.craft.246:3

Now some items did not work for me like the nuke,mining lazer and dynamite you can simply remove the crafting of these items in the IC2.cfg which is located config/IC2.cfg/

Every EE item works prefect!

Don't forget to remove the iron shovel seems to work like a destruction Catalyst O_O

I tried /pex group Vip add -modifyworld.items.have.246:3

Did not work so if you know how to block people from having items let me know ;)

Yes I changed the config to itemrestrictions= True

IN order for this to work you must also removed Crafting Table 3 and project table

these crafting tables lets user craft the items even if you banned them using modifyworld

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