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"Server owner will toatally "GET U BANNED FROM MC". Watch out!"


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I don't care whether you do or not, just a friendly suggested as anyone who searches Seksancraft will find there way back here. Plus the name is a little conceited. Naming a server after yourself? Cliche. Anyways, do what you want. I've had my fun for the night watching you distress. Enjoy!

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I'm shaking in my boots...

Tell Fog thanks for the heads up on that DDOS but I'm friends laptop and his girlfriends house so you do.t have my actual IP.

Woah dog, you hear that? He's going to call up his pall notch (whom he calls Daddy N because they tight) and get you banned from minecraft! Oh baby jesus no!

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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