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  1. Wow, nice to see you're still going. You've improved so much!
  2. Just use an image host like imgur. They give you [img ] tagged images and you can paste those links into your post. You get to have more pictures, and we don't have to host them for you. Win win!
  3. Try allocating 2 GB of ram in your launchers settings? Little cog wheel in the top corner.
  4. The topic died the moment you posted sorry. Your OP was both rude and terrible, lacking any shred of constructive value as you yourself admit here. It would have been locked immediately had there not been left open the chance for real constructive discussion or comedy. You and everyone else in here failed to achieve either. I am very aware that this thread seems to have attracted a very unwelcome collection of people with poor opinions and behaviour, but don't for a second try to act like you're not one of them. You started this, and then you fueled it with rude and snarky posting, giving crit
  5. Oh man this thread! I was like "man the whalebox hasn't gotten anything new in a while, maybe I should reopen this thing." and wow. A site called dudequest, someone talking about their fedora collection, and about a dozen people saying they're not angry while calling others angry. I'm glad we could get to the bottom of that bat thing guys!
  6. I'm really confused as to why you think we've been sloppy with Attack of the B-Team? When it comes to bugs, you can't say that we've done a bad job because of bugs found on release. Have you ever heard the term "many hands make light work" ? AotBT has been so popular that our download servers were brought down for the first time. There are a massive and I mean MASSIVE amount of people playing this pack now. More than any of our other packs to date. When that many people play in a sandbox environment you better believe they're going to find everything. I don't care who you are, you playtes
  7. The night is still young. With foaming hostile weirdos banned, I've unlocked the thread to see where this goes if anywhere.
  8. Someone reported a post from march of last year a while ago. One that had already been dealt with before.
  9. I understood exactly what PhoenixPlayzz meant. You dudes are just thick.
  10. You shouldn't put it at more than 2GB. Allocating more can actually lower your performance after a while. As for the graphics card thing I don't know. Probably not. I have no idea if "external graphics cards" are even a thing.
  11. Yeah war of the worlds. Also I guess old habits die hard. GenB spent the last bit of the livestream testing out voodoo and planning all the devious things he was going to do to the other players.
  12. Yeah sorry. That''s as good as it's going to get for you probably. Most we can suggest is setting your ram usage to 2GB in the launchers settings if your lappy has that much. Minecraft is a very unoptimized game.
  13. If you included your minecraft in game name, and it was over 5$, a message will appear in your launcher for early access notification.
  14. Ah! Well, since the pack isn't even public yet there's no way to get series episodes out early....unless.... CanVox, break out your puppets. We've got a show to put on!!!
  15. Yeah, everyone has their reasons. I personally think it's a shame that anyone would take something open source and try to close source it in a modding community but that's just MC modding for you.
  16. I should correct you that it's early access to the modpack being used in the lets play series and livestream.
  17. Congrats on 2k donated to charity so far everyone. I know the real magic is going to happen on Friday, but it's amazing to see the donations hit 4 digits on the very first day. Super pumped for the livestream event.
  19. http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam Y'all ready for this? (space jam themesong)
  20. If you just go install java 64 bit, minecraft will use it instead of 32. You can have both. In fact most people do.
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