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Tekkit won't run.


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Hello, i seem to be having an issue with the Technic launcher. im trying to play the Tekkit mod pack, but all that happens is the launcher closes as if its going to launch but the the launcher comes back and does nothing. I let it install the mods, and it runs threw the verifying process, but after that nothing. not even the Mojang thing pops up. i have got the system requirements as this is what my PC is packing, 
AMD FX 4300 quad-core
8gb of ram,
ASUS MB with Duel intelligent processors
AMD Radeon HD6450 graphics card.
so im pretty sure my computer is covered. but anyway help on how to get it to launch the game?

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That sounds like you are trying to run it on Java 8. Which does not work.


You can either install the unsupported hotfix or downgrade to the recommended Java 7 update 71. Which requires that you first uninstall Java 8, reboot, and only then install Java 7.


And from now on, take all issues to the tracker, where they belong.

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