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People cannot reach server, everything seems to be set up correctly.


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I set up a server so some family could play on it, and they say they can't reach the server.

I can connect (Although I'm localhost, so shouldn't be an issue) and other people on my local internet can connect.

Can't seem to pinpoint the reason. Running Java 7 (I know Java 8 explodes it) 25565 is port forwarded, I am connected to the internet... Any help would be appreciated.

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What is your carrier? Does it use an IPv6 DS-Lite setup? In that case you are on the short end of the straw.


Apart from that ... which information have you given out to the people you are going to play with, and what have you done to make the server reachable from the internet (except for the port forwarding).

If you are not really familiar with router setup and service providing in these scenarios going with hamachi might be a solution ... though not the best one.

Depending on your WAN speed you won't be able to satisfy more then 1 to 3 users with causing them real pain anyways.

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