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  1. After quite a long journey and 53 episodes this series concludes today. We have seen pretty much everything including moon and mars, and its time to move on to another project ... hope to see you there
  2. That still applies. Best chance to get your hands on a villager (a handful of diamonds IIRC) is to buy him of minebay on a mr crayfish computer. That way you can get your first emeralds easy to build a MFR spawner safeguarding a quasi endless supply of villagers.
  3. Just an addition. The aotbt add on is hopelessly outdated. If you want a more complete version, you will have to scrub the forums and get them one by one. A lot of the mods got some substantial updates lately (especially chisel).
  4. Check the coastlines. Darwin Mobs usually spawn along coastlines. I have never seen them deeper in land. Just flying along a coast, should yield some now and then.
  5. Well its a matter of number of dynamos related to your mobfarm. You can add a lot dynamos and mob, but that will cause lag. I alway ran best with 4 dynamos along with 20 or so mobs. The initial filling takes some time, but from there on things are ok. I am not that automation freak though. I use some of it, but never run havoc not my style. @Torezu it was introduces with mr Crayfish in I think 1.10 or so. Not entirely sure about the price, but I think it was 32 Diamonds for a Netherstar. But of cause any other solid fuel will do as well (sugar, gun powder, blaze powder), especially when you have a decent mobtrap running. generikb has a nice guide in his b team series using a mobtrap at one point and a darwin farm on the other. Both work out nicely. I took his darwin model and expanded ist by increasing the size and it served all my needs.
  6. I have taken the Reactent Dynamo Setup. 4 Dynamos fed with XP as liquid fuel and Netherstars as solid fuel give a ton of energy. I filled 4 resonant Energy Cells around mid game that way and have needed to produce more energy since then. Xp can be obtained through a darwin mob grinder setup easily, while the netherstars can be bought via minebay. The problem in this pack is that the energy generation is not that fast (only 80RF/S per dynamo), but over all this pack is not that energy hungry either.
  7. that is correct. the rp will only replace the textures it can and leave the rest untouched. depending on the pack this might result in some rather ugly results, because the styles are very different.
  8. John Smith and Conquest are really nice packs when it comes to vanilla mc, but if you are looking for something to use in modded mc, basicly your only choice is sphax and if you want the broadest choice you have to go for at least 64x
  9. Not really. When it comes to big modpack the pretty much only choice your have is sphax, since it is the only one I know of which has the necessary community support to be rather complete. The aotbt add on is a (in the meantime outdated) collection of various mod available throughout the sphax forum. And this is the problem. Most creators in the sphax forum are aiming for the higher resolution (mostly 64x and 128x) and often neglect the rest At the moment I would say that there is no chance other then the 32x version of sphax (along with the add on) to reach the goal of a relatively complete ressource pack. Worth a try (but with uncertain results) might be to take a high resolution version of the pack and add on and scale the images down with a bulk tool (like irfan view for example). I don't how things will look then, but I fear that the result will be not what you are looking for.
  10. Well I have my doubts that we will see any more updates to this pack, except in that moment when gb gives the maintainer job to someone else. Until then this pack is in stasis.
  11. To produce energy you need a dynamo (choose the one most appropriate to the fuels you have access to) ... set it up and stuff the fuel into it. Now run conduits to the machine in question. Optionally you can put an energy cell in between to store any excess energy there. While most machines do not really from which end the energy is coming ... some actually do like the galacticraft machines. You have to run the energy conduit into the correct side of the machine. As for the conduits .... most of the time normal leadstone conduits will be more then enough. They transport the exact amount that a dynamo generates (which in fact is side sensitive ... try attaching the conduit at the top) which is 80RF. In later stages you might have more machines hanging on one conduit consuming more then these. In that case you will need an energy cell able to give the amount of energy needed (or closest to that) and redstone conduits to transport it and to have the system at maximum efficiency. If you do not use the appropriate conduits and energy cells, or simply overload the conduit by hanging more machines then the conduit can sustain, the machines will work slower and less effcient, since they have to share the Rastafarians that are distributed over the conduit.
  12. Thats your problem: http://www.technicpack.net/article/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89
  13. Apart from that, what is happening in the area you are entering? I am experiencing this problem when entering the area of my automated mob farms (i have been a bit too eager with them). This doesn't happen all the time but in good regular intervals. I come through the portal and fall into the bottomless pit. During those incidents I am not experiencing lag or anything communication related, but the server goes bananas
  14. Looks like a chunkcorruption. We had something similar in our tropicraft map. We had to delete the region file to make it run again. But this will of course delete everything that was in there. no clue if there is way around it. maybe if you have an older backup. you could exchange the region and not lose everything.
  15. My guess is, that this build only includes the Java 1.8 Fix. There is a new 1.0.12b as well which only includes as well.
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