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Need help with Redpower Frame engine!

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So i've been working on an omni-directional, frame-engine powered aircraft in Tekkit SMP, and I can't quite get it to move. I've made a prototype in SSP which works, to a degree, but I just can't get movement in SMP working. After a little bit of messing around, i was able to make the aircraft move a couple of blocks, but since have not been able to replicate the action. As far as I can tell, the issue is coming from the engines not being able to physically move the body of aircraft, ie. i think there may be an illegal block or some other obstruction which does not allow the engines to pull forward. Here's a list of things which cannot be the problem,

  • all engines are powered
  • they are recieving redstone input (from toggle switches)
  • they are facing the correct directions
  • their movement side has part of the ship under it (ie. they are attached to aircraft)
  • the aircraft is not corrected to the land (ie. it's floating)

If anyone has encountered a similar issue, could you please give me some tips?

I have been using this tutorial:


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Sorry about the size. It's very odd, I segmented the aircraft engines into separate bodies, and they worked fine, (X and Z that is, haven't bothered with Y yet). After I rejoined, all but one engine worked. The one that did not work would move once and then cease; the only way to fix it would to be have one of the other engines run, which seemed to reset it. Now, however, the engines are back to broken again and I don't think I had anything to do with it. Grrrr. The craft was in a bit of disarray when I took the pictures, as I was back to trying different combinations of frame to get it working again.

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It's possible that the engines are blocking the frames from moving.

When a motor moves frames attached to another frame motor with the move side of the motor the second motor won't move. This could block a whole ship from moving.

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