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  1. is hands down the best site for designing your build. Anandtech's benchmarks, while incomplete, are great to compare whichever GPUs/CPUs you'd like (that they've benched). Here is a FO4 build I made for someone else, same $500 budget. You could change the video card to this reference R9 290, but the cooler has its spectularly terrible reputation for a good reason. It's hot, noisy and possibly ugly. The card is a good amount stronger than the 280x though. You could also remove the cooler and put a better one on, which is not too difficult from what I've heard. A couple other sites to check out are: A bunch of people posting cool sales. Check this out before you make a purchase. A recent startup from a redditor. He resells refurbished GPUs. I have not dealt with him but I've seen nothing but praise for his work. Don't take my word for it though. Finally, is a nice place to post a build you're considering to have it looked over.
  2. Damn, I missed the milk discussion. For the record, I drink 1% or partial skim.
  3. GTA5 is on sale here: It's about $40 USD if you apply the promo code #FUNISHOT It's not a steam key though, just social club. Not sure how it works yet as I haven't purchased.
  4. I have some steam keys for these games: Deponia, To The Moon and Prime World: Defenders. Got them from this bundle which is great and you should get it. PM me and I will send them. Edit: Only To The Moon left.
  5. Help, i'm getting alerts of posts in here but I can't see them! Edit: Well they just all showed up after I posted this. Classic.
  6. I forgot Kaker played planetside 2. I spotted him in a video today. Does anyone else still play?
  7. I really would like if this thread didn't get locked for going off topic because the original issue hasn't been solved yet. Thanks.
  8. No, he probably doesn't. I've got the same problem. Here's a picture:
  9. Your intros are way too long. Keep it 5 seconds or less. Also, the upward scrolling text is nearly impossible to read without pausing.
  10. Could be your autosave settings. I remember that was a huge problem at some point.
  11. Could we get a link to the twitch channel that it will be streamed on? I've been unable to find it anywhere.
  12. Milk

    Planetside 2

    Likely shells that explode into pellet rain. Fired from a shotgun, of course. Handheld.
  13. Mojang servers for legacy clients are having issues. Many people are getting this error.
  14. Milk

    Bad Login

    Minecraft auth servers are not down. Check this:
  15. He's talking about this place. According to the forum stats, it has about 260k members and nearly 12 million posts.
  16. PC doesn't necessarily mean a desktop, though my suggestion is less viable for laptops. Ah well, I suppose no one here but you can tell you what you can do with your money. You asked for advice, and you got it.
  17. In a few years, it's likely a mid range PC will be as powerful as the machine you're considering. And of course, it will be a much lower price. For $2300, you can get a good gaming computer right now that will run every game you need it to reasonably, and then get another one a few years down the line. To answer your question, yes, that monster will run minecraft. (Take this advice with a pinch of salt, as it's probable that I have no idea what I'm talking about)
  18. You're adding a fuel balancer to your computer?
  19. Hey Neowulf, I'd like to have that zip if you don't mind. I seem to miss a lot of the good mods when I look for them on spaceport.
  20. Something tells me uninstalling a virus from control panel won't work.
  21. Okay, well, it may have been a massive bump, but with the Yogscasts' videos on it it's probably worth reviving this thread. And yes, there are public servers. I'd advise joining a private one though, there's almost nothing in the way of prop protection. (Meaning people can get in your ship and delete every piece of it) Here's linky:
  22. Where would all that light go? Must be a pretty brilliant sight.
  23. Milk

    Alan Wake

    Well, if it's an Alan Wake thread, guess it's a good enough place to put this.