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  1. I get 200+ in normal MC, and around 100 with most modpacks (I play upwards of 200 mods sometimes) Nothing else running
  2. I heard about some autosave setting that caused lots of problems, was that fixed?
  3. I haven't found any help with this so far, so here goes. System running: Windows 7 Home Premium Java 64-bit 16 gb ram (6 allocated to B-team) AMD FX-4100 CPU (Quad Core) Radeon 5500 graphics card Problem: Every 2-5 seconds I suffer a lag spike and a drop to anywhere between 1-13 FPS I have done the following: Allocated more than enough ram without changes Run on the lowest possible graphics, far runs the same as tiny. Reset the pack PLEASE HELP ME
  4. 4 gb allocated, still the same problem At least normal Minecraft gets 200+ frames per second now
  5. Update: Java updated and running 64-bit, lag is still the same with 4 gb allocated
  6. So I have Attack of the B-Team, and I've never ran into problems like this before. I've played modpacks with upwards of 150 mods in them with no problems. But whenever I play AoTBT it stutters like there's no tomorrow Steady 50-100 FPS, then down to 2-15. Around every 5-10 seconds. My computer SHOULD be able to handle this: 16gb RAM AMD FX-4100 quad core CPU Radeon 5500 64-bit OS (Windows 7) And I get terrible performance running on Tiny, Advanced open GL, decreased particles, and fast graphics. These settings landed me 400+ FPS with tekkit. The problem appears to
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