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Debut of a new PvP map and we need people to test!

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Hey Happy People!

Bottle Rocket Gaming is currently hosting the MoG (Month of Gaming) event and This weekend (Sunday) we will be debuting a BRAND NEW PvP arena call the Kranky Kraft Labyrinth of DOOM!!! Well, ok I added the "of doom", but in my defense, I got to get a sneak peak test of it and I think "of doom" is very fitting.


The Kanky Kraft Labyrinth arena started its life as a Collective Project on the survival based Kranky Kraft Server Members of KK all worked together to help build the rooms, and logic that would run this survival built beast. After the Kanky Kraft Server was retired, one of the members, BigDamnArtist, took on the project of updating the map with command block functionality and additional functions and features.


The Labyrinth, is a fully customizable multi player, multi team, multi function arena that can play 2 to 20 players on 2 to 4 teams and has two modes, PvP and CTF (with more to come). To add to all that, you also have a bevy of tweaks from traps and mob spawning to the gear and weapons players get each game.

This Map is still being worked on but we would like to give it a good test with as many people as we can so we are extending the offer to the community here. If you would like to join us for the event, it will be starting Sunday (11/23) at noon PST (-8GMT) and running till the evening.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that anyone attending, please have a working mic and join our team speak channel. Details and how to connect are over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/section/9

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