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Bukkit port process, such a headache


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So I want to get a simple mod that changes a few base files, uses forge and the IC2 API.

So I battled with the so called guide at.


3 problems I have are:

"4. Decompile the server jar with MCP. Note: It's normal to get some errors at this point"

No get fucked, fix your script so it does decompile properly.

"Download our [MCPC build] and use it as library to compile the java files."

Huh, details morons. And for that matter, why the hell can't I just use your build directly huh ?

Finally, why when I know exactly what lines for code I changed, what files and what mods I added, do I need to alter the same sets of files twice ?

Anyone know of a better guide, or more direct way to just stick the god darn mod into bukkit without needing to sacrify a goat ?

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