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  1. I'd suggest having liquid slime balls as antifreeze, which can be added to wine for faster fermentation, at the expense of possibly being lethal. Also mixing wine and spirits should have interesting effects.
  2. Hey dude could you screenshot me that setup for the mffs+motor+piston? Thanks in advance!

    You posted on the post that talked about breaking bedrock.

  3. Another item ban happy admin huh ? The only way to break a hole into the void is to use MFFS + frame motor + Piston. Would make more sense to ban MFFS, especially as it creates and removes thousands of blocks when you turn it off and on. Or you could ban placement of pistons, but not crafting, hardly any use for pistons that can't be done using frames anyway. Not sure how to limit the update rate of redstone, seems to be a problem on servers. Short of recoding the bukkit server itself, I don't know of a solution.
  4. There is your problem, connect the energylink to MV, not via the LV transformer. Energylink will draw up to 72 EU/t, and the LV transformer only produces 32 EU/t. I know will work as I use that setup myself.
  5. Its a modpack, which means it involves putting other people's shit together. Of particular note, of the 6 major mods that make up Technic/Tekkit modpacks, only two are actually finished. 1. Equivalent Exchange 3, is prerelease, possible bugs still remaining, not a final release. 2. Buildcraft 3, is compile it yourself special, not that stable, not a final release. 3. Industrial Craft 1.08, is public beta, only a few bugs but still not a final release. 4. ComputerCraft 1.46, is a final version 5. Railcraft, is a final version, with the odd bug. 6. Redpower 2 for 1.4.2, is still not publicly available in any form. Technicpack is the Single Player mod pack, the one that doesn't need a server in the first place. Tekkit is the one that needs a bukkit server, and compatible bukkit versions of all the mods. Nothing has changed, still can't even release Technic (single player) Its nice to see people with enthusiasm for tekkit, but perhaps in the future you could get bent or something, ta.
  6. Not seen this MrDeadKat on the server, but I can confirm Estero500 is the new owner. Changes have been made to the server that only an owner would do. There is also a new moderator who's name escapes me at the moment. bewood did state to me at some point that should he not be able to keep running the server, he would find a new owner for it. This was long before it actually changed hands.
  7. Most mods, EE included can't use items from each other, some can as they include the other mods' API code. Its not a simple config change to solve. Looks like EE users will just have to get their hands dirty and trade/craft/mine some stuff for a change. Railcraft has a config file, find it and read it. ps: don't sign your posts, its dumb and the admins will kick your butt.
  8. I don't know why people power a quarry from the same MFE as all their other stuff, its just asking to run out of power. Run two cables off your solar panels: 1. to the MFE for your machines 2. to the Energy Link via optional 2nd MFE if you want to run it at night. Your also loosing power in that overly long copper cable, if its longer than 4 blocks you need to make it shorter or replace with fibre cable. I've done more complex setups involving redstone circuits and storing power in MFSUs so the massfab runs at night too.
  9. Not sure why Nether Diamond Ore is on the banned list, sure its a cheaper way to get diamonds, but with risks attached. IC2.cfg contains rather a lot of settings to disable/nerf items. There are two for nuclear explosions from bombs and reactors.
  10. You mean like a spell checker ? Unfortunately there is a 20% surcharge on spellcheckers for unlicensed buffoons, and its 30% if I tell you where to get one from. You could do the test to get the license, but its a written test and that may be an issue for some people.
  11. Ugh that font, and what is wrong with your capslock key ? Anyway, the screenshots are useless, people want to see the tutorial itself, not your average quality excuse for buildings. Oh and solar flowers are obsolite, anyone with half a brain makes use of the Compact Solars mod for IC2.
  12. Problem for tekkit users is the Nuclear Reactor Planner, the links to various reactor designs only work if you have java enabled on your browser. Of course you can just download the jar for the planner and copy paste some numbers out of the url, its just more annoying to do. Its pretty hard to get java to work in Firefox if you have 64 bit Java installed, as it expects the 32 bit version.
  13. These _are_ machines, the MFSU, the charging bench, the miles of cabling you didn't mention. How about some details now, how long are these cables, are they glass fibre or 3x insulated HV. There is an issue with really long glass fibre cables, every 40 blocks it needs a booster device*. Ignore gavjenks advice, start by removing the transformers, Its easy to create a loop installing then, but you need to remove the transformer to clear the problem. Then the cabling especially the long ones. * its just two HV transformers with the 3 dots touching, put a lever on the transformer the power comes from.
  14. First things first: 1. Write down the coordinates of the buildings involved 2. Save-all, stop server 3. Make a copy of the map folder, save it to a different drive/folder. Now you have a copy of the map for safe keeping or testing purposes. Now fire up MCedit, open the map copy, and go to the coordinates of the buildings involved. Select them carefully and save them as schematics. Also try opening this map in single player by making a 3rd copy, does it lag the same without the server being involved ? My theory is you have one or more corrupted chunks, there are several ways to regenerate/delete the chunks. Not had to do it myself on a server so do some research or something. Anyway with the new empty chunks on the server, see if it behaves normally. All going well you can paste the building schematics back in one at a time, better still try stuff in single player first. There is another possible cause, if your using blocks from specific mods in the buildings. Is there a lot of that sort of thing, or is it vanilla Minecraft materials ?
  15. At least one of your admins doesn't seem to have any clue about enchantment commands, its your admin team you must know who does. I gave you a list of the items, and the coords of a chest you or any other admin can put the tiny amount of items in. I was bloody protected ! Using faction, as you (not an admin) were the one that rolled it back, you didn't believe me at the time if I recall. Seriously stop trying to blame players for problems they didn't cause, they are in a shitty mood already. I _do_not_ need to contact an admin ingame, I supplied a chest for the purpose so they can deal with it when they see fit, and so I don't have to spend an hour trying to get an admin to reply or understand the problem. Just pass my message onto tycoonmike or something. Now if you excuse me I have to get back to writing Forge Hooks for MC 1.3.2, and pondering why some code isn't 100% stable.
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