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  1. Restart computer, try again. That should work in 99 % of all cases, but if it doesn't then start your launcher by right-clicking it and selecting "Run as administrator".
  2. Is cafe lame always like this? Why am I here again? I seriously need to stop coming here...
  3. Solder is only meant for ultra-genius IT-guys. If you aren't one then don't use it. You can create a modpack just fine without using solder. It is almost impossible to provide satisfactory support to a complex system for people who can't understand complex systems. I could get solder installed with the instructions RONNO linked, but I cannot explain to you how you could do the same because it requires a ton of prerequisite knowledge about web server backends and other "ultra-genius IT guy" stuff.
  4. Install 64-bit java, allocate more memory in technic launcher settings.
  5. Yes. Try starting it down instead of up. On a more serious note, I do remember someone a long time ago claiming the same thing and they weren't bullshitting. You have an apple computer, right? It's something about macintoshes, maybe they think standing on your head is the new ergonomic thing to do. Try updating your osx, lwjgl, java etc. to fix it. Personally I prefer to eat my apples and use real computers for gaming, but I know some people like to play on their potatoes and apples and raspberries and other various plant species so I guess that's viable.
  6. This could be a thing. I'm an old man with steady disposable income. My server has been running since Tekkit v1.1.4 came out 2 years ago and it has some rather dedicated players so I haven't really bothered with the whole "promote my server" thing that much. If I could just take 10 $ from the donations pool, give it to you and get a dozen new players in return I would maybe do it however.
  7. We simplified the sign-up process a little to make it easier for new players to join. It's now possible to join in quiet times during the day even if there isn't anyone else online. If you want to meet more people however, there's almost always 10-20+ people online during the evening (Europe time) or afternoon (American time).
  8. New thread found here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-5-2-evolution-r-d-custom-pack-no-whitelist-new-map-pvp-arena-100-slots-open-24-7-mumble.48787/
  9. Introducing the new PvP Arena. Here you can battle if out for each others loot and server prizes. Come on out and give it a try! http://evolutionrd.net
  10. Several changes have been made. Modpack and had an overhaul in prep for 1.6. Also several staff changes have been made and we are under new management.
  11. Sorry to dig a 2 weeks old thread, but it kinda fits the purpose. Did I understand this right: if I for example add to my modpack Mo's creatures whose author explicitly says that nobody can use the mod for any modpack, and then I go openly advertise that, and suddenly the pack becomes popular, does the technic team care? I mean, everyone knows that I have no permission to the mod. You say you don't care for permissions, but how far does that apply? Can I just shamelessly break any "permission rules" and will you promise to not take my pack down when the mod devs ask you to?
  12. Updated modpack to 1.08. We have added Bibliocraft and Tungstenmod made by Firehead who is in our staff.
  13. The modpack has updated again and we have now added Applied Energistics mod to the pack. Enjoy!
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