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  1. I don't know much about this, maybe some of you ultra geniuses can help me out. I just wanted a little info about the different crap in minecraft minigames. Such as: If I create my own server do I have access to extra tools that I don't normally see? How do I create commands for my server? How do I do the cool stuff like making blocks fall in bridges and quicksand. how do I set everyone's spawn at a certain place? how do I make portals go to different minigames? I hope that some of you out there know about this because I sure don't. Thanks!
  2. You removed the post so I can see that your problem must be that you accidentally removed your post.
  3. have you ever tried 2 ply?
  4. also what device do I use to somehow create what you call a "modpack". Thank you oh Holy One.
  5. Thank you for enlightening me to your ways oh holy one. For you are truly the most masterful of all genius IT guys I will now proceed to delete the solder file from my computer and continue to believe that I will never understand anything ever.
  6. Sometimes it seems that everything computer related was designed specifically to annoy the crap out of everyone with a computer.
  7. why don't you just ask your friend to make a new server in 1.7.5?
  8. First, you mine for mable dealiobobbers. Second ya plunk 4 of them in a crafting table in the general shape of a square.
  9. It does that to me whenever I try to minimize it. IT might have something to do with the quality of your video card driver. Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm probably an even bigger newb than you.
  10. Yeah I read that before I posted this and let me just say, you must be a whole lot smarter than me to understand anything in that description. Also why won't technic help with setting up solder? I don't understand why you would include the solder feature and just assume that everyone trying to create a modpack is an ultra-genius IT guy with a degree in "Computer Stuff".
  11. Hello, I want to create my own modpack but I do not know the first thing about solder such as: Do I need to download solder or is there already a solder folder?, where do I put the API key?, What is the URL box for?, How do I link the solder API thingie?, and Where do I get solder if there is a download? All of these questions I could not find the slightest hint of an answer to. I'm just saying that tekkit assumes that I am the ultimate IT guy when in truth, I do not know the first thing about all of the different file types, folders, and other assorted computer knowledge. There must be a secret forum page that everybody is seeing that I'm not because it appears as though everybody that makes tekkit modpacks was born with a quarter of their brain dedicated to knowing what an API is. If one of you knowledgeable people can post a short (or very very longggggg) tutorial to help newbs like me contribute to the modding community in a useful way that would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If any of you think that I'm an too big of a newb to create my own modpack, please keep your nerdy opinion to yourself because that is not the answer I was looking for.
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