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Server Open House on Bottle Rocket Gaming

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Hey everyone!


 This weekend Bottle Rocket Gaming is hosting a Server Open House event.  Jump on with us and take a tour of the world, see the builds and meet the BRGers that worked on them.  Additionally, we will be doing  events through out the day, including PvP matches in the brand new arena built by BigDamnArtist , Dungeon crawls through some of the graveyard tombs and will be fighting the enderdragon which we have not yet done on our server.


Open house start Saturday around noon PST (-8 GMT), running till the late evening. We will be picking back up again on Sunday around noon and running till about 7pm. You can find all the details of the event over at http://www.bottlerocketgaming.com/forum/31.


Bottle Rocket Gaming is a multi-game  collective, but we are all pretty hooked on MineCraft. currently We host a white list modded MineCraft server running on a custom build modpack, host gaming events such as MoG and we are currently working a new mod pack for a new server slated for Jan. If you wan to know more about who we are you can check us out at www.bottlerocketgaming.com/about


We’re very excited to open our doors  and get a chance to meet new people and show what we’ve built! See you there!

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