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[Question] Smart Movement personal tests?


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Since it looks like Tekkit 2.0 doesn't include the Smart Moving mod, ( http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/361430-11smp-smart-moving/ ) I wanted to ask other server administrators out there if they have any experiences with it on their Tekkit server installations ? There were discussions of initial success upon installations, but I haven't heard of more thorough testing and/or long term testing.

If you've got the bukkit port of this mod installed, or tried it in the recent past (1.1.4+), can you share your experience? How it worked out for you, if there was any buggyness or crashes and any configuration tweaks you found useful over the defaults ?

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I used it on a personal tekkit 1.0.0 and 1.1.4 server that I play with a friend on.

I didn't have any problem getting it to work. I simply installed the bukkit version into the tekkit server and then installed the normal client version on the tekkit client.

In terms of bugs the only problem I had in smp was in rare instances when moving from water into a one block high space it would sometimes cause a half heart of suffocation damage, I haven't noticed that happen in single player.

I didn't notice any incompatibilities although it doesn't work particularly well with climbing over IC cables.

I actually found it invaluable for building a complicated sorting and processing system as I was able to crawl through my system placing pipes or cables behind me and it generally enabled me to climb around the system much easier.

The version I used wasn't the most recent but at the point you were able to connect to a server with smart move support without smart move on the client, I don't know if that is still the case.

Do you have any specific questions about it?

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Only about it's stability. It's a shame it's not going to be added to the next tekkit pack (or at least it wasn't cited in the list of 2.0 links), but I couldn't see a reason not to have this installed on any server unless the mod proved problematic or conflicted with other mods. For that, given the detailed but standardized nature of Tekkit, I wanted to guage the success of other server administrators.

Thanks for your input havoc ! It's especially helpful to know the bit about the client not requiring it. I hope it doesn't cause any odd conflicts if one client has it and another does, while performing particular maneuvers, but with one seal of approval, I'll have to give it a test on my side once the IC2 1.7 bukkit port comes out (might as well do my upgrades all in one shot)

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... but I couldn't see a reason not to have this installed on any server ... It's especially helpful to know the bit about the client not requiring it...

Yeah that was pretty much my thinking. As far as I know the server side mod just prevents the server from stopping what vanilla considers illegal movement i.e. crawling through one block high areas. If you connect to a server which doesn't have the mod installed but your client does you can still do most of the smart moving stuff climbing, coil jumps, sprinting etc. although I expect some anti-cheating plugins would catch that.

And the only mod I know conflicts with is the mine little pony one... :-[

I think a client without it will see the other player going into the default pose while doing anything smart movey. It didn't cause a crash or anything when I was in that situation with my friend.

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