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Power Teleport Pipes out of range?


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I have two power teleport pipes operating on the same frequency decently far away from each other but on both ends "connected pipes" reads '0' so is there a range to telepot pipes? If so is there a way to disable it? I have already changed powerloss in the additional pipes config file to 0.

Thanks for the help!

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Unless I'm mistaken, I believe that the latest version of the teleport power pipes still take distance into account for power degradation, which kind of make them useless. HOWEVER, I am not 100% on this and I don't know for sure. I'm sure someone who still uses buildcraft can provide detail or clarification on the matter.

One way to figure out if the power is just dying off from distance is to just test by placing a power cable and seeing if it will receive power from the source cable, starting with a small increment and going longer from there.

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