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  1. Couple of basic questions: Do you have anywhere for the wool to go? The machine won't continue to harvest wool until there is room. Is it powered? Are the sheep within the defined parameters of the rancher?
  2. You could try throwing the server into the DMZ to verify if it's a port forwarding issue. Isolate and replicate if possible.
  3. Sounds like you're doing it wrong. You want to make sure your version of MC is equal to the mods you've got. I'm presuming this is a pack you've created that has ended horribly. Assuming versions aren't an issue and you're using Java 7: I would recommend doing the 1-by-1 approach to see which mod is conflicting.
  4. Scribble Parlour. Texture things happen there. I used a modified version of LB Photo Realism myself.
  5. It's simple. Create a test environment. Add mods to it one or two at a time as you feel confident and run the test. If the server runs and you're able to use the mods,that is now your known working pack. Return to your test envionment and add one or two more, again to your comfort level. Open up a new server (especially if world gen is involved) with the test pack and see how it works. If things go well, then that now becomes your new known working pack. Wash, rinse repeat until you either get all the mods/plugins/whatever you want in and working or you come across the mod / plugin that halts the test server. That way you can identify which mod/plugin is causing issues and either configure it to work, or exclude it from your pack. It boils down to process of elimination. There is no easy path to troubleshooting.
  6. That's right. I overlooked your age. Too bad man. You're doomed to a life of horrible servers. I feel for you.
  7. So you're going to base your experience off of a player on the server? Fair enough. I wouldn't, but that's just me. I'm not going to blow smoke up your tiny butthole and say that -everyone- is super nice. They're not. As I stated in my previous post, I play there and I have a low tolerance for asshattery, laziness and flat out stupidity. Those things do run a bit on the high side during certain hours but the one thing SGT does seem to keep at bay to great effect, are griefers. The grey list process does a decent job filtering out the undesirables and although an occasional person slips through and griefs, steals, or what have you, the response is pretty quick to fix whatever they did. If you read the rules, pay attention to the details, you'll do just fine there... in fact you'll probably do better than a lot of people there. But if you're going to let one comment from a player make your decision for you, that's your deal. But it's also your loss.
  8. Come join us on SGTekkit. It's free, but donators have elevated access to things like tpa, a mining world, and other kits that give you an advantage. Griefing does occur on occasion, but the greylist process keeps the majority of them at bay. No EE, CC, BC, and other things like Balkons, some redpower and ic2 items have been disabled to curb people exploiting for griefing. Community is good (I play there, so you know it's classy), and the staff is top notch.
  9. With all the information on the server you've got in mind, I've got a name: Hopelesscraft: A server where dreams never got started.
  10. Stop. Understand voltage. Batbox will give out 32eu (LV, or Low Voltage) MFE will give out 128eu (MV, or Medium Voltage) MFSU will give out 512eu (HV, or high voltage) A lot of the machines you want to run require a MAXIMUM of Low Voltage, or they will explode. Also take care of the wires you use as there is both a maximum voltage they can handle as well as energy loss depending on the length of wire you have. It is good practice do to the following: Only use tin, insulated copper, or glass fibre cable. Tin cable is perfect for running very low voltage energy (from solar panels (not to be confused with solar arrays), windmills, and water mills) to a storage device. You will only lose energy every 41st section of tin cable. Copper cable is good for LV short distances. You will lose energy every 6th run of wire. Glass fibre can handle all voltages (except EHV) and has the same loss as tin (can go 40 lengths before loss). Read up on IC2 wiring, machines, and so forth on the wiki and via google searches. Primarily, you will want to look into transformers.
  11. Use the IC2 miner. Basically set up a small square, have lava and water nearby to create the cobble, and the IC2 miner a block above the are it'll dig. Then behind that, put some cheap ore like copper or tin behind the square you made to contain the water/lava to make the cobble. Throw in an OD scanner, iron drill, and 2 mining pipes into your IC2 miner. Apply power. What will happen here is that the IC2 miner will attempt to go after the ore. It'll dig down once and then the OD scanner will pick up that there is copper and attempt to dig it. The water/lava -should- make cobble fast enough to keep up with the digging speed of the miner. Bear in mind you cannot leave this alone, otherwise it'll eventually get the ore and stop. So you'll need to reset the ore and start it over. It's a high maintenance ordeal. There are a number of ways to fill recyclers and clearly a cobble generator isn't the best. 1. If you're in a biome that allows snowmen, you can set them up in a piston area that pushes them around and breaks the snow they leave behind into snowballs. Have transposers set up to collect the snowballs (they collect things in a 5x5 area around, somewhat like an obsidian pipe, only it needs a redstone pulse. That can easily be hooked up in conjunction with the piston pulses). Run those into a compressor for ice, then into your recycler. 2. If you're not in a biome that allows snowmen, you can use the IC2 pump/compressor setup, where the pumps will draw water (from an infinite source, obviously) and put it into the adjacent compressor, creating snow. Run that to another compressor to make ice, which can be dumped in a recycler for scrap. Both work, but #1 produces a lot more scrap using little power, where the other setup is a work around for the lack of snowmen. Hope that helps.
  12. I disagree with this statement. Jajk isn't mean, he just gets tired of saying the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN until his eyes bleed and the inner demons take over, feasting on the souls of the moronic, incapable, and any brain with a flat line. What i'm getting at here is that it's not being mean, it's a necessary evil.
  13. Depending on what plugins you have, there may be a conflict between REI's and whatever else. Make sure that your tekkit options are set to the recommended build and when you update, that your firewall and anti-virus aren't interfering. It's rare that an AV would interfere (usually some low cut rate AV like Nortons). If you have Windows Firewall up, that'll probably block everything except the puck and let your grandmother download horse porn while ordering viagra for her inbred brother husband.
  14. You still need to have the resources in the retriever to tell it what to pull. It doesn't just magically know. So if you want that retriever to pull a stack of diamonds, then you throw that stack in the retriever and forget about it. So when your machine runs, it'll pull that exact amount of whatever everytime it gets a redstone pulse.
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