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  1. SOLUTION! Finally figured out what happened. Sometimes I get a little too clicky with my crescent hammer. I must have moved the pulverizer around in the wrong direction and it wasn't collecting the wool. I noticed that something was acting weird with my chests too. Well, long story short, I moved the pulverizer around and then everything started working again. Thank you everyone for you help. I really appreciate it.
  2. UPDATE. I was watching a video on YouTube, and I noticed that all of the players machines had the idle bar moving up and down. Mine is not moving. Does that mean that there is not a sufficient amount of power?
  3. ​There is a pulverizer where the wool goes to and then two chests where the string and dye from colored wool goes to. The string then goes through and item duct to a steam dynamo which provides power for everything. The rancher says that it is fully powered too. I have never heard about checking it for sludge... that's something new to me. I have never even seen anything about that on other forums. Could you enlighten me?
  4. ​I have the rancher connected to a pulverizer and the pulverizer has two chests connected to it where the dye (from colored wool) goes to and the string goes to. The string is then fed into and item duct which takes it to a steam dynamo to provide power. So, there is definitely enough power because the rancher also says that it is fully powered. Also, my sheep are in a 5x5 pen with grass blocks.
  5. Someone please answer one of my topics.  I would really appreciate some help.  Thank you!

  6. I was using a rancher to shear some sheep. It was working fine when I first put it down, however it is not working anymore. I tried changing the position of it and everything. It just isn't work. When I first put it down it sheared a few and then just completely stopped. Does anyone have any information or advice that I could have? Thank you.
  7. I tried making an automatic dye far and it was working for a while. I have it connected to a pulverizer so the colored wool comes out the back. Then the dye goes into a chest and the string goes into another chest. After that the string goes to a steam dynamo to be converted into power. For a while everything was working just perfectly. Now for some reason it isn't working at all. It won't sheer my sheep and I don't understand. The sheep are fully grown and everything. There is a redstone signal going to the rancher and is says it's full of power. I'm not sure what to do. Please help
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