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  1. The lava is on the other side of the water and requires you to put one lava source per level (the water does not to be place on every level just the top one)
  2. There is a Mac OS X Combo App for Technic Launcher and Tekkit Server. The App can be found on this page: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-set-up-a-tekkit-server-on-a-mac-tekkit-bug-fixes-included.1569/ , just download, unzip, open up and select the option you want. It is a self-explanatory. Edit: It is also a terrible choice to host on a Laptop, since the Laptop you have might not have the necessary processing power(unless otherwise)
  3. I vow to remove the Malicious code.. I think I will be able to
  4. It would be even more effective if you just stacked up, one by one and make sure that you do not put splitters in between, I will post a pic soon Edit: Also it is resource friendly, meaning it doesn't use much resources.
  5. If you were able to see, Technic and Tekkit are completely different. Technic has mods that Tekkit does not and Tekkit has mods that Technic does not.
  6. Shame that mac users will have to suffer, even tough there is a Java 7 release for mac
  7. What was the malicious code? Can you post it here?
  8. Minecraft Modder

  9. I fail to see how this is finding out for an ETA, I was merely asking why it was taken out.