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  1. Seems that I managed to find out that it's a different account, sorry for the trouble!
  2. It seems to be a gmail email that my dad somehow got off my google account and made a different one for school, also according to many this isn't possible, so now I can't access my account because fro some reason you cannot log in with your username, sure enough I didn't get the email as my account is somehow operating under a different email. :/
  3. Back in the day I used to log into the site with my username, and now I have to sign in with my accounts email, but I tried every single email I know of, I can't create a new account because it says the user is taken, plus I want to look at the old account as it has older versions of a private pack of mine (moved newer versions over to ATLauncher), I went to forgot password to see if that was the issue, but it didn't recognize any emails I put through, is there any way to log in with your username?
  4. I believe you're looking for this
  5. I think Mojang really did this mainly so they can implement Optifine, as they wanted to do that for awhile, obviously, the author refused because he wanted to make money off of it.
  6. try temporarily disabling your anti-virus system, sometimes they're idiots and thinks somethings a virus, happened to me before with some growthcraft mods.
  7. What does Era Do Futuro even mean in English? I see it one the front page all the time. Also what language is it in?!
  8. is currently down, it seems to have a 502 error (Bad Gateway), it's been down ever since last night.
  9. Guys, you realize that theres an option to hide the launcher on startup (*L_*)
  10. You don't even want the minecraft.jar in the bin folder?
  11. Ok, here it is (btw this isn't my map, I found it online awhile back, the broken one is the one with extensions, I got it to work with an alternate route, but I still want to find out how to get it working like it's supposed to.)
  12. Title: Transposer Bug Version: 3.1.2 OS: iMac OS X 10.6.8 Java Version: 1.6.0_65-b14-462-10M4609 Description of Problem: I have a transposer set up so it will hook up to a line where 2 other transposers hook up to, the line is shaped like a T and the item from the transposer should go to the right then down the T. But instead the transposer gets jammed and doesn't send anything through the pipes. I have a design exactly like it to the left of it and that one works fine, but this one doesn't. Here are some pictures 1.This is where the RE-Batteries are made (output into transposer) 2. Here is the where the Re-Batteries should arrive (input into crafting bench) 3. And here is the pipeline that goes to and from them (Re-battery transposer in top right generator auto bench in bottom middle). Error Messages: Error Log:
  13. I was just testing to see if EnderStuff+ was compatible with Tekkit Lite and it is! Also EnderStuff+ is has Multiplayer support so you can fight Ender ignis, Nivis, or just tame an Ender Miss with your friends and have cool machinery at the same time! Here is the mod link: To install on windows go to the start tab and search %appdata% then hit enter. then go to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkitlite\mods then once you are there drag the 0_SAPManPack_v13.jar into the mods folder of tekkit lite (0_SAPManPack_v13.jar download is near the top of the mod page) then drag the EnderStuffP_v101.jar into the mods folder! Then start tekkit lite! For macs: download the Jars mentioned at the end of the windows installation. Then open finder, then library, then application support, then techniclauncher, then tekkitlite, then the mods folder and drag the 0_SAPManPack_v13.jar and EnderStuffP_v101.jar into the mods folder. Start tekkit lite! (this is for Minecraft 1.4.6 tekkit lite) Hope you like having this modpack and EnderStuff+ together, I know I do!
  14. It may be a long time because, for 1, equivalent Exchange 3 (no RM, Condensers, collectors) will need to be out of prerelease, eloraam will need to update redpower, and a couple other mods will need to update to minecraft 1.4. (wow I didnt even get to 2) Once 1.5 is out (hoping that mod API is added with it) they wont need to really update it to make it compatible since the mod API will make all mods compatible with each other and with any version of minecraft. (: