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My ATB Server Just Stopped Working?


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Me and my friend were playing on my private server - not too laggy or anything - for a week or so. But suddenly, I start it up and when we log on, we both have 0 fps and the game is completely unplayable.

I created an entirely new world and it seemed fine, so could something be wrong with our world?

Is there anyway to fix this without resetting the world, cause we've worked really hard on it and don't want to delete it. :hchatter:

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Most likely some issues with tons of mobs running around close by, or some machinery working like mad, homeless items in the dozen waiting for pick up ... possibilities are there enough. Without a closer description what is going on in the area its hard to tell.

Have you activated cheats? If so port several chunks into a different direction (1024 Block should do ... but better not on the y axis if you cannot fly ;)) and see if the problem remains, once the visible chunks are loaded.

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Cheats aren't enabled... When I log on, I fall through an unloaded chunk and once that's loaded, I just run on 0 fps and the game is unplayable. I may have had some machines on (Compresser, electric furnace etc.) but they may be off if it's night XD

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